About Incrypts

Incrypts is a digital information provider covering news about cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and highly about leading cryptocurrencies. We furnish short and creative news on cryptocurrency digital community market. The future of the crypto market is set to thrive in the upcoming years. With increasing number of bitcoin users, rise – in crypto businesses, fluctuating high prices and fervor for cryptocurrency news, it is significant to deliver the right content to the audience. Rather than lengthy stories, we aim at exposing news information with maximum use of sixty words.

Incrypts is found in the year 2018 and is delighted to be a virtual information medium, creating awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Incrypts Editorial Policy

We employ efficient content brains devoted to cover cryptocurrency news information. We publish information ‘as is’ basis. For detailed information on editorial policy, visit Editorial Policy.

From the User’s corner

We take on emails and communications from users suggesting news tips, story ideas and corrections. For all communication including interrogation, queries and technical issues, email us at [email protected].