News on Bitcoin Technology

Blockchain Consortium FIO Welcomes

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) has welcomed the wallet to enhance the crypto usability across blockchains. The Global Head of Business Development of, Stefan Rust explained, “Crypto usability is still one of the biggest challenges the industry has to solve and our new relationship with the FIO is all about trying to find a solution to this big issue.”

25% of Bitcoin Transaction Secured by VeriBlock Blockchain

A blockchain validation platform, VeriBlock has successfully secured over 25 percent of all bitcoin transactions over the weekend. The news of the achievement was shared by the platform on their official social media. The blockchain validation platform was launched on March 2019 and now along with its subsidiary Xenios SEZC it has revealed that upcoming mainnet launch of the VeriBlock blockchain.

Windows XP That Runs On Bitcoin SV Blockchain

A version of Windows XP which operate completely on blockchain was developed on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain which proved to be most versatile and development-friendly blockchain . It was introduced to the public by and reportedly allows the users to use the interface, visitors can interact with File Explorer, WinAmp, Internet explorer and so on including playing a live game on Microsoft’s Minesweeper.

SDK Beta For Ethereum Blockchain launched by Samsung

The beta version of the Ethereum blockchain SDK has been released by Samsung for the latest Galaxy smartphones. This will take Samsung to next to push Ethereum functionality level & kit will be providing some additional stools for dApp and blockchain mobile development and is available for a partner who requests early access to the tools. The beta version will be on Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5G and the Galaxy Fold smartphones.

Ohio Brings Out SLP on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

A software company, Software Verde LLC is working with the local government of Dublin, Ohio in launching bitcoin cash SLP (service location protocol) token onway. The company’s chief executive officer (CEO) Joshua Green then shared in a statement that the token is considered the city’s way in expressing their gratitude for any community services activities done by the citizens.

Android App & Home Page For BSV

After attaining an ecosystem stage on its own Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain has come up with a new app on the Google Play store, has developed an Android home page for the blockchain to spearhead its adoption. This will ease any novice to the platform they’ll have all the resources they need to learn about BSV, get a wallet, build their own apps and do some shopping.

Bitcoin SV blockchain Becomes Sweet to Ears With AudioB

One of the developer of AudioB (an audio file sharing platform) has tweeted that the platform has entered in blockchain using Bitcoin SV. This will now allow the audio content creators, to target their audience with more precision. The tweet also reveal that the next step will be artist profiles and collections, once another soon to come application from Money Button is complete.

Bitcoin SV Selected as Public Blockchain for Zweispace

A partnership has been established between Bitcoin SV (BSV) and a blockchain real estate company, Zweispace confirmed the news officially by publishing a press release. Zweispace has selected Bitcoin SV as its public blockchain. Zweispace then explained regarding the application that they’re currently working on, “By using these apps, realtors can evaluate the price of the property and list it on the real estate portal site.”

Patent Filed by Syscoin Developer Blockchain Foundry

An enterprise blockchain consulting and development firm, Blockchain Foundry (BCF) has confirmed in an announcement that they have successfully filed a patent application. The CTO and inventor of Z-DAG, Jag Sidhu explained, “Combining the security of Bitcoin, the functionality of Ethereum, and the speed and scalability of our Z-DAG technology, enterprise-ready blockchain applications are now a reality via the Syscoin Protocol.”

Lightning Labs Launches Lightning Network Client for Main Bitcoin Network

Blockchain development organization Lightning Labs reported that it released the principal alpha adaptation of it’s Lightning Network (LN) customer for the primary bitcoin (BTC) arrange. In its released team note: “We’re working as quickly as we can to get our mainnet iOS and Android apps out soon. Scaling Bitcoin and Lightning to everyone means not requiring people to follow complex setup processes or hand over control of their funds to trusted counterparties.”