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Ethereum Blockchain Adopted by AI and Microsoft

A major technology company, Microsoft has accepted using Ethereum blockchain for AI and machine learning democratisation. Justin Harris, senior software development engineer at Microsoft explained, “One in which people will be able to easily and cost-effectively run machine learning models with the technology they already have, such as browsers and apps on their phones and other devices.”

Gavin Woods To promote Polkadot In China

The co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Woods reportedly has introduced his blockchain project worth of $1.2 billion, Polkadot in China. Wood then explained, “This technology for me is not about cryptocurrency, it is really about trust freedom and the ability to construct new businesses without having to have a business at all… Although tokenization plays a role in this, it’s not the critical thing nor is it necessary for all of it to work.”

Celer Catapult Mainnet Fort Gamers & Developers

Celer (a scaling platform) has announced that it has launched its mainnet, Cygnus which it claims to be world’s first Generalized State Channel Network, starting from Ethereum. In its official blog, “From kickoff, end users will be able to develop skills and play to earn cryptocurrency in Cygnus’ premiere gaming hub, CelerX. We are empowering the developer communities to build skill-based mobile games which they can monetize with CelerX e-Sport Gaming SDK.”

Beta Version of Blockchain Game ‘Gods Unchained’ Launched

A game powered by Ethereum blockchain has been developed by Fuel Games, named Gods Unchained has recently launched its beta version. The cofounder of the gaming firm, Robbie Ferguson explained, “With Gods Unchained, we have captured the allure of traditional print card collectables like Magic, married them with appealing visuals of digital games like Hearthstone, and added true ownership through the Ethereum blockchain.”

Blockchain tracked Shipment Successfully

A collaboration made between the Samsung SDS, Dutch bank ABN AMRO and the Port of Rotterdam has successfully tracked the shipment from South Korea to the Netherlands using blockchain. The manager at Samsung SDS, Han Seung-yeop explained, “The Customs Clearance Blockchain System at the Korea Customs Service is based on Hyperledger Fabric, while Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands is using the Ethereum Platform.”

Verified Organic Partners with Treum Hemp supply chain Using Ethereum Blockchain

Verified Organic has introduced an Ethereum blockchain-powered solution for hemp production in collaboration with Treum (ConsenSys endorsed supply chain platform) with main target to ensure quality, reduce fraud and improve compliance. The President of Verified Organic, Jenny Vatrento explained: “The Treum team’s hard work in building an exceptionally intuitive application ensured that we went live without a hitch.”

BKM Now Live with Blockchain-powered Digital Certificate Platform

BKM, Microsoft and VeriPark, is launching a blockchain-powered digital certificate platform which allows the user to store, view and share digital certificates on a private Ethereum blockchain. Apart from that the solution also offers the features in authenticating the users and certificates issuing organizations.

Wibson New Batch Payments To Solve Scalability

An initiative in solving has been made to solve Ethereum blockchain scaling issues by Wibson via officially released a new Batch Payment Code. The CTO of Wibson, Martin Minnoni explained, “By making our Batch Payment code freely available, Wibson reduces transaction and operational costs and can improve the economic viability of hundreds of Ethereum-based projects.”

Ziyen Inc Visions Listing Oil Assets on Ethereum Blockchain

An oil and energy company have announced their plan on becoming the first company in the industry to list oil assets on Ethereum Blockchain. The CEO Alaistar Caithness explained, “We are now in a position to complete the tokenizing of a commodity on the Ethereum Blockchain; ZiyenCoin will likely become a market leader in the space. The goal of the company is always to enhance the energy industry.”

Ubisoft to Start Project with Ethereum Blockchain

A video game company based in France, Ubisoft have shared their plan to start a project with Ethereum blockchain. The CE of Ubisoft, named Yves Guillemot has expressed that blockchain technology has the potential of revolutionizing the video game industry in the future. Ubisoft is currently working on establishing Ethereum apps in-game objects and blockchain games.