Blockchain Tehcnology Market News

Ethiopia: Blockchain in Agri-tech Industry

The Ethiopian government has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cardano, a crypto startup company. The aim of the association is to embrace blockchain technology in the agri-tech sector. It is reported that the agri-tech platform would be driven by Cardano’s blockchain. However, the commencement of the project has not been publicized yet.

Blockchain Technology Market News

Indonesia Eyeing on Blockchain Potential to Solve Data Challenges

Another Asian country seems to be optimistic in implementing blockchain technology in various sectors. Recently, a local technology firm named Online Pajak has recently launched a blockchain-driven app that will benefit its users in terms of sharing encrypted tax data to the related institution such as tax, banks, central banks any many more.  

Blockchain Technology Business Market

Majority Businesses Shows No Plans for Blockchain

A recent report revealed by a new survey research and advisory firm, Gartner revealed that most businesses show no plans for blockchain technology. In addition, the report indicated only 8 percent of the organizations are currently analyzing the potential imposed by the blockchain technology with an intention to conduct a short integration.

Blockchain Technology Market News

Netherlands: Blockchain in Waste Management

The authorities of the Netherlands infrastructure ministry are to experiment by embracing blockchain technology to automate the processes of managing wastes. It is reported that nearly hundreds and thousands of waste-carrying trucks are manually inspected. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) also eyes on mobile applications alongside blockchain solutions for automation.

Blockchain Technology Market News

Declaration of Blockchain Challenge Winners

The Smart Dubai Office (SDO) has declared the victors of global Blockchain Challenge. There were seventeen finalists. Ireland based AID Tech, the UAE based Smart Crowd, and the USA based Codex topped the list with remarkable blockchain solutions. It is reported that two hundred applications were received from 85 cities across 44 countries.

Blockchain Technology Platform News

Blockchain Network to uplift Entertainment Industry

The Slate Entertainment Group has scheduled the launch of SLATE (SLX) blockchain network. Various business sectors have embraced blockchain technology. Presently, the entertainment industry is to reap benefits from the advancement of technology. The said blockchain assures transparency and accountability of information. A DLT-based streaming platform is to be presented by Binge.

Blockchain Technology News

Aerospace Suppliers Eyeing on The Potential of Blockchain

The aerospace suppliers are keen to embrace blockchain tech to keep track of their supply chain and other operational functions in Berlin. Moog has partnered with VeriPart in this regard. The aero industry has been encountering various challenges in tracking, assembling and passing of inspection tests.

Blockchain Technology News

Huobi to Work with Universities on a Blockchain Research

Huobi Labs shared their plan in collaborating with universities with the aim of advancing the blockchain research progress. According to the report, the venture will be focusing their intentions on the Chinese market with their $1 billion funds and fund highly potential start-up to make sure DLT industry will continue to emerge in the country.

Crypto Exchange Mining Market

ATB Financial connects with BIG to study Crypto Mining

The Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) is associating with the ATB Financial to study the risks and compliance on crypto mining client activity. The ATB Financial would use the tools of BIG for studying and monitoring the crypto mining activities, estimating risks and legal compliances. The BIG professionals would also be conducting their on-site coaching and orientation.

Blockchain Technology News

First Swiss Blockchain-Based Diplomas in the University Of Basel

The University of Basel has collaborated with blockchain innovator Proxeus in creating a prototype of course certificates issuance and registering them up on the blockchain. If successful, University of Basel will be the first university in Switzerland to issue blockchain-based diplomas. This could reduce the number fake credentials issued that can easily be verified online.