Blockchain in Education

RMIT offers student credentials on the blockchain

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has partnered with Credly, a digital credential platform. The association helps the students to list their skills and build a CV on the blockchain platform. The Developing Blockchain Strategy course participants would get their digital credentials stored on the blockchain. The digital certificates are to be issued at the end of August.

Blockchain News in Korea

Korea Telecom builds its own blockchain

A proprietary blockchain network has been launched by the KT Corporation. KT Corporation explained the aim is to authenticate the user’s identities in a more efficient way and provide a better service for international roaming. With blockchain technology, the information’s kept in by KT Corporation could be shared with global partners in a secure way.

Integrate blockchain News

KryptoPal to assist Gulf University to integrate blockchain

The KryptoPal blockchain company would be associating with the Gulf University in the Kingdom of Bahrain to integrate the student portfolio management system on the blockchain technology. The CEO and founder of KryptoPal mentioned, “Security and immutability of blockchain technology will protect student’s personal information and grant full-time control over their digital identity.”


TRON acquires BitTorrent

The TRON Foundation has affirmed the acquisition of BitTorrent. It is reported that the entities are focused on the decentralized web. The founder of TRON, Justin Sun stated, “I believe BitTorrent will gain new life from integrating into the TRON ecosystem, and TRON will continue BitTorrent’s protocol legacy.” TRON also promised to ‘liberate Internet’ to larger corporations.

Blockchain Technology News

Blockchain Technology to Boost Profit of Africa’s Farmer

As an effort in increasing the profit of the farmer in Africa, a London-headquartered start-up, Binkabi believed that the implementation of blockchain could make it possible. The CEO of Binkabi, Quan Lee introduces to tokenize agricultural commodities with Blockchain Technology to boost the profit of agricultural trading in a fairer way and creates a direct link between consumer and farmers.

Voting Platform News

Australian Blockchain Developers to Establish Better Voting Platform

A start-up, Horizon State is currently in the middle of establishing a blockchain system that could provide a better transparency to the voting system. A transparent voting process is highly important to secure the democracies of a country. The company would be launching a community voter platform for the regional and government elections on the island of Sumatra.

Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto on August

Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto on August

The founder Of Untraceable Inc., Tracy Leparulo will be organizing the first Blockchain Futurist Conference on August 15th and 16th in Toronto. The conference will be focusing on the blockchain and the potential of the technology. It will allow the blockchain firms from around the world to share its new developments, and researches to educate the attendees regarding the emerging industry.

Blockchain Techstars Accelerator News

Registrations open for the Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator

The applications for the Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator (February program), a three-month mentorship program, have been opened. The program will cover issues encountered by blockchain developers while building and developing their platform and business. It will also focus on IoT, cryptocurrencies, security and other factors. The Alchemist Group associated with the Techstars would run the program.

Blockchain Technology News

Xiongan Invites ConsenSys to use Blockchain Technology

An Ethereum developer, ConsenSys has been invited by the government of China’s official in Xiongan to make Xi Jinping’s urban dream city comes true. ConsenSys will be the advisor of the Xiongan government on the implementation of blockchain technology and provide its software solutions. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between two parties has been signed in Beijing.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Aviation Blockchain Challenge by Lufthansa Innovation Hub

The Lufthansa’s Innovation Hub has recently declared the launch of Aviation Blockchain Challenge. The Lufthansa has collaborated with Foundry. The blog of the Aviation Blockchain Challenge revealed, “The combination of Lufthansa’s innovation ecosystem and massive industry expertise along with access to SAP blockchain assets enables you to put your idea in the spotlight.”