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SecureKey: Blockchain Tech to offer Identity Verification

The Canadian startup, SecureKey, has publicized that it will launch Blockchain technology providing identity verification across the country. It would enable users to control and share personal information without involvement of centralized system that are vulnerable to hackers.


Cryptocurrency Market News

Ministry’s Report: Blockchain on distribution of foreign aid

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, exposed a report that elucidates about how Blockchain could be used in distribution of foreign aid. The report quoted that country should ‘consider being the first donor country to transfer aid by using cryptocurrency’. This highlights as how the technological development is put to efficient use.


Blockchain News

Commonwealth Bank to issue bond over Blockchain

Commonwealth Bank of Australia exposed its plan to issue a bond over a Blockchain system in the near future.  Sophie Gilder, the head of Blockchain explained that the platform built is can make transfers of bonds more ‘efficient’. This Blockchain based system is to promote sales of government bonds.  


Cryptocurrency News

DAPP hastens Ethereum transactions

Decentralized Application (dapp) browsers multiplied more popularity that are Ethereum based like CryptoKitties. This decentralized application was accountable for more than twenty percent of whole Ethereum daily transactions. Balaji Srinivasan, cryptocurrency sector experts quoted that dapp promotes ‘friction-less international trading of digital assets’ on a blockchain.


Crypto Market News

Ripple coin pushes Ethereum downward in the market

Ripple, a cryptocurrency that first raised in 2013, has gushed 53 percent in the last 24 hours surpassing ethereum and take holds the title of the world’s second valuable digital coin. The market value rocketed to $86 billion while ether is at $73 billion pushed to number three in the crypto market.


Zcash takes on Blockchain upgrades

The co-founder Zooko Wilcox and CTO Nathan Wilcox detailed on ‘Overwinter’ and ‘Sapling’, the proposed Blockchain network of Zcash. Their blog elucidated that these updates is aimed at increasing the Zcash’s performance, safety and usability assured for the users. “Overwinter” update is projected to go live from June 2018 while the ‘Sapling’ is set for September which is targeted to boost privacy oriented cryptocurrency transactions.

Scaling Bitcoin workshops on bitcoin market

The Scaling Bitcoin brought together academicians, software developers, entrepreneurs and digital currency user across the Blockchain system by its workshop. The educational session focused on the Bitcoin Core optimizations. The Dev++ workshop aimed at equipping market knowledge was accomplished.

Telegram to launch Blockchain Platform

The messaging app, Telegram, will launch a new platform for Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The currency of the Telegram Open Network (TON) will be called “Gram” utilizing light wallets. This platform would not go through multi-year bootstrap period like many other new platforms.