News on Healthcare in Crypto Industry

Blockchain Platform News

Embleema unveils blockchain platform for healthcare records

Embleema has unveiled a public beta of its HIPAA-compliant. The Delaware company has developed a decentralized…

Blockchain in Healthcare News

BlueCloud Collaborate with Exochain to Use Blockchain in Healthcare

Collaboration has been announced by a Texas-headquartered healthcare company, BlueCloud with ExoChain, a blockchain company. The…

FedEx- Blockchain Medicine News

FedEx to Use Blockchain to Deliver Medicine with Partner

A plan to use blockchain technology in the supply chain of medication for the cancer patients…

Blockchain- Medical Records

A student develops the Blockchain-powered prototype for Medical Records

A third-year student of Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, Sidharth Ramesh has developed a blockchain-powered storage…

Crypto Wallet Developed for Sinai Health Foundation

Crypto Wallet Developed for Sinai Health Foundation

An announcement has been made by the MLG Blockchain regarding the launching of the first cryptocurrency…

Blockchain Technology Walmart

Walmart gets patent for storing health information on the blockchain

Walmart has been granted another patent. The patent titled “Obtaining a Medical Record Stored on a…

Blockchain protocols in the Healthcare sector

Blockchain protocols in the Healthcare sector

SimplyVital Health, the blockchain-integrated healthcare company, has associated with The Cool Kids to introduce open source…

Blockchain Technology Market News

FlyCARE to Revolutionize Medical Wellness and Personal Care with Blockchain

FlyCARE Solution will be introducing a user-friendly mobile platform that will be powered by blockchain ecosystem…

Blockchain Development Solution Astralia

Blockchain in Australian Health Department

The Australian Department of Health is analyzing the potential of using Blockchain technology in the industry….

Blockchain Technology Market

Companies working to store healthcare data in Blockchain

Nebula Genomics and Longenesis are the entities known for integrating blockchain and AI for healthcare. The…