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Blockchain protocols in the Healthcare sector

Blockchain protocols in the Healthcare sector

SimplyVital Health, the blockchain-integrated healthcare company, has associated with The Cool Kids to introduce open source…

Blockchain Technology Market News

FlyCARE to Revolutionize Medical Wellness and Personal Care with Blockchain

FlyCARE Solution will be introducing a user-friendly mobile platform that will be powered by blockchain ecosystem…

Blockchain Development Solution Astralia

Blockchain in Australian Health Department

The Australian Department of Health is analyzing the potential of using Blockchain technology in the industry….

Blockchain Technology Market

Companies working to store healthcare data in Blockchain

Nebula Genomics and Longenesis are the entities known for integrating blockchain and AI for healthcare. The…

Blockchain Technology South Korea

South Korean Startups trails Blockchain in Medical Sector

The South Korean startups are working towards the application of blockchain solutions to the medical sector….

Crypto Exchange Market News

MedicCoin Crypto Rewards for healthcare users

MedicWalk application will be launched soon. The app will distribute MedicCoin to the users. The initiative…

Blockchain Technology Germany

Blockchain Based Medical Data Management Developed By German-based Firm

Camelot Consulting Group, headquartered in Germany has announced its new development. According to the report, the…

Blockchain Technology India News

Blockchain Will Be Used To Collect DNA Data From 50 Million Citizens In India

Even though cryptocurrency wasn’t being supported very much in India, entities support the Blockchain technology. According…

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Blockchain For Provider Data Test Will Be Held In Five Healthcare Organisations

According to the report, blockchain for provider data will be held in five healthcare organizations. A…

How Blockchain Transform The Business Of Healthcare Industry

How Blockchain Transform The Business Of Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain technology was used for the first time during the establishment of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto,…