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Blockchain technology

CareAi Could Enhance Africa’s Healthcare Sector

The artificial intelligence and blockchain technology project by the Joint Research Centre from the European Commission, CareAi could enhance the existing healthcare industry. The founder of cloud-based health records platform Medcera explained regarding CareAi products, “If AI systems could handle some of the minor healthcare issues, the available healthcare professionals could focus on the most difficult issues.”

Blockchain Technology in Genetic data

Biotech Firm to Implement Blockchain Technology for Genetic Data

Macrogen, a South Korean biotech giant firm, is to implement blockchain for the distribution of genomic information in association with Big Data firm Bigster. The implementation of blockchain technology could reduce the risk of hacking or infringement of the database. The platform is expected to ease the distribution of genetic data.

China to Implement Blockchain for Medical Safety

China to Implement Blockchain for Medical Safety

VeChain has associated with the Chinese government for the development of vaccine traceability solution in order to support the medical sector. The aim of the collaboration is to implement blockchain technology in enhancing the medical standards and security in the country. With blockchain technology, the risk of pharmaceutical fraud and fake medicine cases could also be prevented.

Healthcare technology

Mount Sinai establishes Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research

The Mount Sinai Health System is exploring the possibilities to embrace blockchain tech in the healthcare sector. It has established a Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research to meet healthcare challenges. It is reported that the center would support companies build biomedical blockchain solutions to address issues related to clinical medicine and biomedical research.

Healthcare in the US Explores Blockchain

Healthcare in the US Explores Blockchain

Blockchain technology has gained popularity in the healthcare industry in the U.S as the number of blockchain adoption in the sector shows a significant increase. The blockchain is reliable in keeping patient’s information safe. The centers such as Disease Control and Prevention is establishing a blockchain-powered system as it offers better security, cheaper and faster option compared to the existing system management.

Blockchain Platform News

Embleema unveils blockchain platform for healthcare records

Embleema has unveiled a public beta of its HIPAA-compliant. The Delaware company has developed a decentralized application (DApp) called PatientTruth permitting the stakeholders to connect with the healthcare blockchain. The users could embrace their medical and wellness data through the PatientTruth. The Embleema platform based on Ethereum blockchain helps the users share healthcare info, medical records, and health applications.

Blockchain Invest

SGInnovate Invests in MediLOT Technologies

SGInnovate has recently unveiled its latest investment to a blockchain start-up in the healthcare industry named MediLOT Technologies. SGInnovate’s head Tong Hsien-Hui explained, “MediLOT has assembled a great team with a vision to build an interoperable decentralized platform that can be used by all healthcare providers to extract greater value from healthcare records, affording patients better diagnoses and more effective treatments.”

Blockchain in Healthcare News

BlueCloud Collaborate with Exochain to Use Blockchain in Healthcare

Collaboration has been announced by a Texas-headquartered healthcare company, BlueCloud with ExoChain, a blockchain company. The collaboration made is to transform and increase the safety measures of the healthcare professional and help the patients choose their health care clinics with the implementation of the blockchain database once its protocols have been constructed.

FedEx- Blockchain Medicine News

FedEx to Use Blockchain to Deliver Medicine with Partner

A plan to use blockchain technology in the supply chain of medication for the cancer patients has been revealed by FedEx in partnership with the Good Shepherd Pharmacy. The CEO of FedEx, Fred Smith believes blockchain could enhance the supply chain industry and highlighted that the time has arrived for the industry to study the emerging technology.

Blockchain- Medical Records

A student develops the Blockchain-powered prototype for Medical Records

A third-year student of Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, Sidharth Ramesh has developed a blockchain-powered storage prototype for medical record purposes. Sidharth explained that blockchain technology could increase data transparency as “there is a possibility of data leaks and unauthorized access to private medical data. A hospital can manipulate patient information or even sell it to private profit-making bodies.”