News on Healthcare in Crypto Industry

Blockchain- Medical Records

A student develops the Blockchain-powered prototype for Medical Records

A third-year student of Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, Sidharth Ramesh has developed a blockchain-powered storage prototype for medical record purposes. Sidharth explained that blockchain technology could increase data transparency as “there is a possibility of data leaks and unauthorized access to private medical data. A hospital can manipulate patient information or even sell it to private profit-making bodies.”

Crypto Wallet Developed for Sinai Health Foundation

Crypto Wallet Developed for Sinai Health Foundation

An announcement has been made by the MLG Blockchain regarding the launching of the first cryptocurrency wallet for Sinai Health Foundation. The CEO of Sinai Health Foundation agreed that the establishment of the cryptocurrency wallet by the blockchain consulting and development firm will open an alternative way in receiving donations in Sinai Soiree Fundraiser that starts on June 21st.

Blockchain Technology Walmart

Walmart gets patent for storing health information on the blockchain

Walmart has been granted another patent. The patent titled “Obtaining a Medical Record Stored on a Blockchain from a Wearable Device.” The proposed system would be helpful in storing the health information on blockchain and making them easily accessible. The device which holds the health information could be unlocked with a key.

Blockchain protocols in the Healthcare sector

Blockchain protocols in the Healthcare sector

SimplyVital Health, the blockchain-integrated healthcare company, has associated with The Cool Kids to introduce open source Key Pair System to spot the healthcare impact opportunities in the Philippines. The healthcare company is developing the HIPAA-compatible protocol Health Nexus. It is reported that the blockchain protocol could be integrated by health sector globally.

Blockchain Technology Market News

FlyCARE to Revolutionize Medical Wellness and Personal Care with Blockchain

FlyCARE Solution will be introducing a user-friendly mobile platform that will be powered by blockchain ecosystem thus will ensure the transparency, security and the efficiency of payment and transactions by its user. One of the major goals of the startup is to enhance the communication between health care providers and consumers to become easier.

Blockchain Development Solution Astralia

Blockchain in Australian Health Department

The Australian Department of Health is analyzing the potential of using Blockchain technology in the industry. The digital executive director of Agile, David Elliot mentioned that the implementation of the blockchain technology was said to be supporting the research on health data and keeping the privacy of the patient’s health record.

Blockchain Technology Market

Companies working to store healthcare data in Blockchain

Nebula Genomics and Longenesis are the entities known for integrating blockchain and AI for healthcare. The Nebula Genomics, the biotechnical company, is aimed at developing a blockchain-based marketplace for clinical data. Longenesis Company is coming up with blockchain platform for easing the transfer of health data. The proposed projects would also be using smart contracts.

Blockchain Technology South Korea

South Korean Startups trails Blockchain in Medical Sector

The South Korean startups are working towards the application of blockchain solutions to the medical sector. XBLOCK SYSTEMS is one such company which is aimed at extending a ‘medical proof application service.’ The medical records and documents are to be held on a blockchain. It is reported that such initiatives and projects would benefit both the customers and healthcare experts.

Crypto Exchange Market News

MedicCoin Crypto Rewards for healthcare users

MedicWalk application will be launched soon. The app will distribute MedicCoin to the users. The initiative is to enhance the quality of medical care and reward the patients with the crypto for using the application. The application also helps the users maintain a database of transactions entered with various healthcare providers, clinics, and others.

Blockchain Technology Germany

Blockchain Based Medical Data Management Developed By German-based Firm

Camelot Consulting Group, headquartered in Germany has announced its new development. According to the report, the consulting firm has developed a blockchain solution According to the report, the consulting firm has developed a blockchain solution for medical data management that will offer the highest security level in the data storage including patient’s data.