News about Identity and Crypto Industry


One of the largest blockchain firms in South Korea, ICONLOOP has shared in an announcement that they have successfully launched a blockchain-powered self-sovereign identity authentication service, DPASS. The CEO of ICONLOOP, Jonghyup Kim explained, “Users will be able to see how revolutionarily easy it would be when DPASS is aligned with various services and users can log in with one blockchain ID on those services.”

Seraph ID Launched By Swisscom Blockchain on NEO

The Swisscom Blockchain has recently launched a self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution developed on the NEO blockchain called Seraph ID. Seraph ID will provide a decentralized identity system in the NEO ecosystem with the aim to place all the user data in full control of their data and enable dApps to verify specific data. TypeScript SDK and smart contract templates have also been released to help NEO dapp developers.

Blockchain MOBI Brings Out First Vehicle Identity Standard

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) has announced the launching of the first blockchain VID standard to help trace the life cycle of the automobile. MOBI’s founder CEO Chris Ballinger said, “A blockchain identity standard could enable a diverse suite of mobility applications that result in more efficient supply-chains, lower-cost financing, and safer roads, & ultimately make urban environments greener, safer, and more livable.”

Privacy Identity Platform Unveiled by LuxTrust and Cambridge Blockchain

The private beta-testing phase for privacy-protecting European identity platform IDKEEP has been shared in an announcement made by LuxTrust (a digital service provider based in Belgium) and Cambridge blockchain (an identity software maker). The CEO of Cambridge Blockchain explained, “After receiving investments from PayPal, Flourish and Omidyar Network, earlier this year, we are pleased to continue our expansion to deliver the future of digital identity for Europe and beyond.”

Identity and Credential Rating Service Running On Blockchain

A technology research firm Fujitsu headquartered in Japan, Fujitsu has recently established a blockchain-powered solution for identity and credential rating service . Fujitsu then explained regarding the platform to evaluate user credentials, “The course platform will collect data including test scores, Japanese conversational ability, and study time, and store them on a blockchain as a certificate.”

New Blockchain-powered Open Sources Launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has reportedly currently worked on establishing a decentralized identity network based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The executive program manager for the Microsoft Identity Division, Daniel Buchner explained, “The code for the ion reference node is still in rapid development, and many aspects of the protocol still need to be implemented before it can be tested on the main Bitcoin network.”

Aries Announces Blockchain-powered Identity Management Tool

An announcement has been made by the executive director of Hyperledger, Reed and Brian Behlendorf that its newly launched-management system, Aries is blockchain-powered identity management. Behlendorf explained regarding existing management tools, “All these involve exchanging permits and credentials. If you had to wait for all those governments to integrate all those systems you’d be waiting forever.”

Remme and Ubisecure to Adopt Blockchain for Identity Management

Ubisecure, a customer identity management company has welcomed a developer of the distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) protocol and PKI-enabled apps, Remme as their strategic partner. The CEO of Remme, Alex Momot commented, “Our two companies will release further details on the outcome of the PoC and further collaborations based around identity management with DLT in the near future.”

Physical Products Added to Blockchain by DUST

DUST Identity Service aims to enable its user to enrol all manner of physical objects onto the blockchain. A co-founders of DUST Ledger, Ophir Gaathon commented, “We found that, in many cases, the issue (and cause of friction) is that the parts or the data about the parts (or both) are difficult or impossible to identify, link, and trust. Trusted physical identity was simply missing. So we decided to build it. And that’s how DUST was born.”

SecureKey Technologies Implement Blockchain Identity Verification System

An announcement has been made by SecureKey Technologies that they have successfully achieved the adoption of their blockchain-based Verified.Me digital identity network at five Canadian Banks. The CEO of SecureKey Technologies, Greg Wolfond commented, “We are excited to bring this first-of-its-kind network to market and look forward to its expansion as new participants join our service.”