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Establishment of Blockchain Identity Initiative

Establishment of Blockchain Identity Initiative

The Microsoft and Hyperledger had associated together for the ID2020 Alliance, blockchain based digital identity initiative. The alliance is aimed at establishing control over user’s data by using blockchain. It had managed to raise $1 million from Microsoft. Accenture and Rockefeller Foundation had also financed.

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SecureKey: Blockchain Tech to offer Identity Verification

The Canadian startup, SecureKey, has publicized that it will launch Blockchain technology providing identity verification across the country. It would enable users to control and share personal information without involvement of centralized system that are vulnerable to hackers.


Moscow Government to use Blockchain in local poll

The Moscow Government heads with the plan to trial Blockchain for use in local voting polls. The officials quoted that they were observing this technology as a measure to reduce the risk of fraud. It was exclaimed that “this technology will make voting even more open”.

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