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News on Information Technology in Crypto Industry

Malta Business Registry To Run On Blockchain

The archipelago nation, Malta has announced that it will employ blockchain for its national business registry (MBR). The junior Minister for Financial Services Silvio Schembri explained that “The goal is to increase the system’s efficiency and lessen unnecessary bureaucratic procedures through an extensive investment in information technology. The new MBR will also feature new services that were previously not possible.

Facebook To end Era Of Encryption

It is unveiled that Facebook is developing tools an AI-powered means of bypassing end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp, which will allow the firm to peek into our personal messages, conversation & transactions. A tech entrepreneur Kalev Leetaru said, “will need to quietly stream a copy of the formerly encrypted content back to its central servers to analyze further, even if the user objects, acting as true wiretapping service.”

Samsung SDS and CMC Corporation Sign Strategic Investment Contract

A strategic investment cooperation contract with CMC has been established between the Samsung SDS and Vietnam’s Top IT and Telecommunication company – CMC Corporation. The CEO of CMC Corporation, Mr Nguyen Trung Chinh explained, “We believe this cooperation will create a miracle in the wave of digital transformation, enhancing Vietnam’s position on the world technology map.”

YouHodler Failed To Protect Credit Card Data

The research team from vpnMentor has revealed that YouHodler (a cryptocurrency loan site) has failed to encrypt their servers because of which it exposed customer credit card and user transaction data for almost a month. The researchers noted that they have found enough information have been leaked to make fraudulent card purchases (CVV) and their expiry dates. The website failed to encrypt these sensitive data.

Onfido Joins WORBLI To ensure Compliance

An announcement has been made by WORBLI (a financial services network) that it has selected Onfido, to deliver the highest compliance standards to its blockchain network with ease KYC & AML process to it users. The CEO of WORBLI, Domenic Thomas explained, “At WORBLI, we have a global mindset where we seek to bring financial services to all corners of the world. We want to bridge the gaps for the people who don’t have access to financial services.”

MyVerte Beta Version Of its Marketplace

An e-commerce solution for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C), Project Verta has announced the launching of MyVerta marketplace in beta version. The CEO of Project Verte, Julian Kahlon explained, “Our goal in founding Project Verte was to give D2C brands the ability to reclaim control, and get the optimisation and insights that they need to grow their businesses, increase their bottom line, while at the same time staying true to their core values.”

Intel-Backed Hyperledger Transact Project

Realizing the increasing demand of blockchain technology, Intel has decided to co-sponsor a new Hyperledger project which is expected to be released in late June. The blockchain program director of Intel, Michael J. Reed explained, “Our main objective in our work with .”

Global Tech and Financial Companies Joins INATBA

More than 100 global technology and financial companies (like SWIFT, IBM, Ripple, Bitfury) have joined the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The newly-established organization will be assisting the companies with the implementation of blockchain technology among the European countries which has its origin after digital signing ceremony at European Commission in Brussels.

Alphapoint Expands Business to Switzerland

A licensed supplier of asset tokenization software and digital asset trading technology, AlphaPoint has shared its plan of expanding its business in Zurich, Switzerland. The Swiss government is currently modelling out the suitable guidelines in approval of blockchain and emerging cryptocurrency trade and exchange industry in the country.

Volentix Brings Outs Decentralized Trading and Analytical Engine

The Volentix (a new digital assets ecosystem) has brought out its state of the art flagship product VDEX, or Valentin Decentralized Exchange, its flagship product. The project describes VDEX as a next generation, extensible and customizable decentralized crypto exchange, with an emphasis on ensuring that the assets and data of every user remain individual and secure. In this platform the user remains in full control of their funds until transactions are completed.