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News on Information Technology in Crypto Industry

Global Tech and Financial Companies Joins INATBA

More than 100 global technology and financial companies (like SWIFT, IBM, Ripple, Bitfury) have joined the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The newly-established organization will be assisting the companies with the implementation of blockchain technology among the European countries which has its origin after digital signing ceremony at European Commission in Brussels.

Alphapoint Expands Business to Switzerland

A licensed supplier of asset tokenization software and digital asset trading technology, AlphaPoint has shared its plan of expanding its business in Zurich, Switzerland. The Swiss government is currently modelling out the suitable guidelines in approval of blockchain and emerging cryptocurrency trade and exchange industry in the country.

Volentix Brings Outs Decentralized Trading and Analytical Engine

The Volentix (a new digital assets ecosystem) has brought out its state of the art flagship product VDEX, or Valentin Decentralized Exchange, its flagship product. The project describes VDEX as a next generation, extensible and customizable decentralized crypto exchange, with an emphasis on ensuring that the assets and data of every user remain individual and secure. In this platform the user remains in full control of their funds until transactions are completed.

Mt Pelerin Visions a new era of banking

Mt Pelerin is excited about the prospects of digitizing the banking system and creating the infrastructure to allow a streamlined issuance of tokens backed by any asset, security, or fiat currency, while also adhering to the strictest regulatory requirements. Unlike traditional banks, which keep only a fraction of cash reserves on hand at any given time (a practice which directly contributed to the 2008 financial crisis), Mt Pelerin is set to keep 100% of current account deposits, providing customers with instant liquidity at any time.

Hackers are Helping Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The hackers who fall under the category called “White Hat Hacker” who are helping to improve the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems. In past 2 months 15 firms (Coinbase, EOS, Brave, & Omise to name some of them) have awarded these hackers as um of $30000 for documenting over 30 public bug reports. TRON compensated one of white hat for $3,100 after he realized that the platform was open to being flooded with malicious smart contracts.

Update WhatsApp To Escape From The Spyware

The facebook owned subsidiary has released a recent update patch to prevent the pegasus malware to gain access to personal information stored on smartphones. WhatsApp spokesperson in his statement: “WhatsApp encourages people to upgrade to the latest version of our app, as well as keep their mobile operating system up to date, to protect against potential targeted exploits designed to compromise information stored on mobile devices,” Propelled To Manage Business srl has successfully established what it claims to be the most scalable and flexible tools for companies to manage business documents using blockchain technology named The CEO of s.r.l then shared, “Our ultimate goal is not just to share documents, but to create a network of trusted organizations.”

Instant Virtual Machine Launched by Qtum

Qtum has recently introduced the instant virtual machine on a google cloud platform which enables its users to run instantly the virtual machine on the Google Cloud Platform. The CIO, Miguel Palencia commented, “With a more accessible technology, we hope to open up and expand the Qtum community to include people with a broader range of experience — from experts to the everyday user.”

CoinSwitch and Enjin Have Entered Into Collaboration

Enjin and CoinSwitch have announced their collaboration in 3 areas: Integration of CoinSwitch exchange platform into the Enjin Wallet, new in game payment gateway and a blockchain explorer for CoinSwitch platform users. Maxim Blagov, Enjin CEO said “We are working together to provide increased utility for all of the cryptocurrencies they support, meanwhile further streamlining the adoption process for the increasing numbers of developers jumping onto the Enjin Platform.”

ConsenSys Successfully Launched Office in Hong Kong

ConsenSys Successfully Launched Office in Hong Kong

A tech company, ConsenSys has set-up a new home for its Ethereum blockchain software company in Hong Kong. Charles d’Haussy its newly joined Director for Strategic Initiatives will help to drive blockchain and Ethereum growth in Hong Kong, with his considerable experience and familiarity of the local FinTech, enterprise and government sectors & growth across the Asia Pacific.