News on Merchants in Crypto Industry

GoByte Pay launch for digital currency payments

GoByte Pay launch for digital currency payments

The GoByte has unveiled a GoByte Pay mobile application that permits the merchants to accept payments in virtual currencies seamlessly through the use of free payment solution. The CEO emphasized the mission of the company. The application is built with additional features such as anti-hack protection, Touch ID and Face ID to ensure better safety of assets.

BCH on White Wallet and White Pay

BCH on White Wallet and White Pay

The White Wallet Cryptocurrency Trading platform has enabled purchase and sale of Bitcoin Cash against USD, Euro, and GBP. The merchants who have access to White Pay would be able to take payments in Bitcoin Cash along with other cryptos for goods and services. The other cryptos supported on the platform include Bitcoin, Ethereum and XLM.

$PAC and CPN to offer crypto payment solution to users

$PAC and CPN to offer crypto payment solution to users

The association between the $PAC and Crypto Payment Network supports companies such as Domini Pizza, Caribou Coffee, Gamestop, and others to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. The CPN enables the merchants to take cryptocurrency and receive fiat transfers. Reportedly, Gamestop, Domino Pizza, and Caribou coffee would be considering coins as consideration.

CoinGate Payment Gateway

CoinGate to allow Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments

The CoinGate payment gateway has declared the addition of Lightning Network payment processing for merchants. The Lightning Network targets to resolve bitcoin scalability issues and make transactions cost-effective. The CoinGate has been trailing the lightning network with selective merchants. The entities that accept bitcoin payments through CoinGate is to get access to Lightning payments.

Bitcoin Cash settlement for BitPay merchants

Bitcoin Cash settlement for BitPay merchants

The BitPay has declared the launch of Bitcoin Cash option for merchants. The crypto is the second virtual currency settlement option enabled for BitPay merchants. The company stated, “BitPay merchants have been able to accept Bitcoin Cash payments from customers alongside Bitcoin payments. Now they can get their settlement payments in Bitcoin Cash too.”

Bitcoin Cash Acception

CopPay now enables merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash

CopPay, a payment processor, enables nearly sixty merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Recently, the platform has also added Bitcoin Cash. The CEO of CopPay, Ina Samovich expressed, “BCH has quickly established itself in the cryptocurrency world and those low transaction fees and safe o-confirmation transactions are a natural draw for any merchant.”

Bitcoin Cash News

CoinGate payment gateway adds Bitcoin Cash

The CoinGate has extended its support to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It would enable the merchants to accept online payments in Bitcoin Cash. The platform is accessed by 80,000 and beyond merchants. The company reported, “To make it simple for merchants, all received payments are automatically settled to EUR/USD or to BTC, depending on the preference.”

Crypto Payment News

Ethos and Payroc enables crypto payment

Payroc and are to develop a crypto merchant payment processing service. The Payroc payment gateway platform would be embracing Ethos Bedrock platform enabling a ‘Pay with Crypto’ button supported on all merchant websites with cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash. The company integrates the use of new digital currencies in the place of traditional payments.

Bitcoin Lightning Program

CoinGate announces Bitcoin Lightning Network Pilot Program

The CoinGate crypto payment gateway has introduced a pilot program covering a hundred merchants to experiment with transactions on a Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) variant. The trail extends to esports betting websites, adult entertainment sites, and various online stores embracing cryptos. The LN technology is predicted to take 1-2 years for development and adoption by merchants.

WordPress- Crypto Payment

WordPress plugin enables merchants to accept crypto payments

The MyCryptoCheckout has been unveiled to integrate with WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce plug-in for the WordPress websites. It supports nearly ten thousand online merchants to encourage crypto payments. The crypto payment gateway supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and Verge. The MyCryptoCheckout was observed to have had active installations.