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SecureKey: Blockchain Tech to offer Identity Verification

The Canadian startup, SecureKey, has publicized that it will launch Blockchain technology providing identity verification across the country. It would enable users to control and share personal information without involvement of centralized system that are vulnerable to hackers.


Cryptocurrency Market News

Ministry’s Report: Blockchain on distribution of foreign aid

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, exposed a report that elucidates about how Blockchain could be used in distribution of foreign aid. The report quoted that country should ‘consider being the first donor country to transfer aid by using cryptocurrency’. This highlights as how the technological development is put to efficient use.


Blockchain News

Commonwealth Bank to issue bond over Blockchain

Commonwealth Bank of Australia exposed its plan to issue a bond over a Blockchain system in the near future.  Sophie Gilder, the head of Blockchain explained that the platform built is can make transfers of bonds more ‘efficient’. This Blockchain based system is to promote sales of government bonds.  


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BitMex liquidates Bitcoin Cash

BitMex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges has discharged bitcoin cash for bitcoin. The exchange has reported that the users of bitcoin cash were compensated with bitcoin in the ratio of 1 BCH to 0.1707 XBT.


Bitcoin News

NiceHash CEO resigns after Bitcoin cyber attack

Marko Kobal, the CEO of NiceHash, a Slovenian startup resigned from his position last week coming resignation through twitter. This occurred after company experienced a cyber-attack and lost over $63 million worth from the theft of 4000 bitcoins. Zdravko Poljasevic will take the place of Kobal in the company. However, the company proclaimed strategies to reimburse the stolen funds to the users.


ICO Bitcoin News

Colu fundraiser secured $14.5 million

Colu, the Blockchain startup has raised $14.5 million by venture capital and ICO from a business group located in Israel. The company had partnered with IDB group and uses Colu Local Network (CLN) token for local transactions which will also serve as incentive for trade payments.  

Moscow Government to use Blockchain in local poll

The Moscow Government heads with the plan to trial Blockchain for use in local voting polls. The officials quoted that they were observing this technology as a measure to reduce the risk of fraud. It was exclaimed that “this technology will make voting even more open”.

Craigslist lets users to accept cryptocurrency

The Craigslist, an online classifieds marketplace, added a specification through which the users can request for cryptocurrency payments. The website lets users to publicize by clicking on a check-off box denoting ‘cryptocurrency ok’.   The users can also find sellers who accept cryptocurrency by search wizard.

UBS to launch simplified compliance Ethereum platform

The Swiss banking giant, UBS is set to launch an Ethereum platform with simplified compliance. The bank with the aid of Barclays, Credit Suisse, KBC, SIX and Thomson Reuters initiated a project to make banks reconcile wide range of data at ease. In encouraging regulatory change, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II, is set to go live from January,3, 2018 whose codes should be used by all eligible legal entities.

Roger McNamee about bitcoin legitimacy in 2018

The legendary tech investor, Roger McNamee in an interview on CNBC stated that “bitcoin is a very small market but had a huge year”. He cited that in the upcoming year, bitcoin will experience ‘big swings up and presumably down’, with people willing to invest believing bitcoin play a long-term role in financial market. He also added that “even after crash, what follows is a legitimate industry” in the market.