Cryptocurrency Market

Coinbase appoints VP to enhance support services

Coinbase, a startup, had recruited the former VP of operations and user services of Twitter, Tina Bhatnagar as its VP of operations and technology on a measure to enhance its customer support service. “It’s an exciting time, with Coinbase and crypto in the public eye more than ever before, but that also means it’s an even more critical moment to stake our position. And this can only happen if we do right by our customers every single day,” Tina Bhatnagar said.

Cryptocurrency mining

Opera: Crypto mining protection for smartphones

The Opera extended the ‘cryptocurrency miner protection’ for smartphone users. The feature had already been presented in the desktop version and is available for download in Opera Mini and Opera for Android. The ‘anti-cryptocurrency mining feature’ will function by default. It is highlighted that browser ‘will instantly detect and halt the mining scripts written into the code of a webpage.’

ICO Market

ICOs aid the startups to raise huge capital

The Smith + Crown, a research firm revealed that the startup companies are raising capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). It gushed up to $6.8 billion during 2017 from $151 million in the previous years. It was discovered that an amount totaling to $3.5 billion was raised during the fourth quarter of the year 2017.

Blockchain News

Blockchain payment system by Visa and Union Bank

The Visa and UnionBank had announced that they would develop ‘direct blockchain payment system’ for business operations. The development of Visa B2B Connect the funds can be transferred within 24 hours. It is said that the transaction fees will also reduce. The payment platform will be wholly operational by the end of 4th quarter of 2018 as stated by the official of Visa Asia Pacific.

Crypto Market

Hyperledger looks out for diversification

The Hyperledger, business blockchain group proposes to establish Hyperledger labs. The chairman of Hyperledger’s technical steering committee and chief technical officer of IBM Open Technology, Chris Ferris emphasized why such labs are required to the CoinDesk. He coined this as the measure to expand the Hyperledger Community.

Crypto Market News

IMF: Stress International Cooperation on cryptos

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), aspiring to foster ‘financial stability’ had called for harmonization of cryptos and cautioned about the fluctuating price rates. Gary Rice, IMF spokesperson said, “It’s important for people to be aware of the risks and undertake necessary risk-management measures.” He also emphasized that cryptos charge various other threats to the financial sector such as money laundering.

Bitcoin Market News

Host of Bitcoin Ben to address Crypto Event

The Bitcoin expert, Bejamin Semchee hosts a Facebook and YouTube show titled ‘The Bitcoin Ben Show.’ He discoursed that he has earned 100,000 views per week. It is revealed that he will be addressing in a cryptocurrency event hosted by Business Cloud which is scheduled to happen 2nd February.

Bitcoin News

ECB President to address youth on bitcoin

The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, will be addressing the public by a series of video on 12th February 2018. The session will elaborate on the sustainability of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an alternative to the traditional currencies and will also expose the view of ECB over blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency News and Market

Metropolitan Bank disavows change in policy

The Metropolitan Commercial Bank disavowed reports that stated about the amendment of its policies to stop international cryptocurrency-related wire transfers. The Bank emphasized that it does not accept cryptocurrency-related wire transfers from any non-U.S. entities. It was due to an international fraud associated with the bank’s client.

Swiss Church accepts bitcoin donations

ICF Church to accept Bitcoin donations from Parishioners

The ICF Church in Zurich, Switzerland had publicized that it will accept bitcoins as donations. It is observed that the parishioners of the Church are young and the Church itself is a supporter of technological advancement.  The spokesperson of the church said, “Digital currencies and the blockchain technologies will change our daily lives.”