Wikileaks announced arrival of WikiLeaks Cryptokitties and accepts donations

Wikileaks comes forward to accept additional cryptocurrencies to accept donations and  aid users who want to support the media and its whistleblowing efforts. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks stated that “like our response to first banking blockade, we will open up additional crypto-currencies”.

Wikileaks to launch WikiLeaks Cryptokitties, an internet based game for buying, selling and breeding of digital kittens. The founder citied that the “cryptography is generating creative innovation in a vast array of human interaction”.

Public Company raises cryptocurrency secured funds

Integrated Ventures, Inc. (INTV) formerly known as EMS Find entered the cryptocurrency market in July 2017. As notified in a report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), INTV issued $50,000 convertible note to Global Opportunity Group, LLC in exchange surrendering a warrant that entitled it to purchase 803,333 shares of INTV stock.

Ripple outlasts the tumble in crypto market

Ripple fared to outlive the downward trend in the Blockchain market and made all-time high on Thursday with $1.50 as the threshold price. New regulations that would prohibit anonymous transactions and shut-down of few exchanges will lead to drop in crypto market. The foremost reason for the stability in price during the drain in market was due to South Korea’s investment.

Nokia uses Blockchain technology

Partnered with OP Financial Group, a Fineland based financial services group, Nokia, to adapt to Blockchain technology to establish added trust in managing health data. This pilot project will highlight on possibilities for incentive models like health insurance programs. Nokia establishes its platform to address health issues and grant useful insights by gaining user’s trust.