News about Startups in Crypto Industry

BitGo & Civic Come Together For Anonymous Crypto Wallet

BitGo (a blockchain security startup) and Civic (a blockchain based identity platform) have entered into partnership with aim to to build a crypto wallet that maintains anonymity while offering a back-up solution. CTO of BitGo Ben Chan said, “decentralized identification verification system allows users to opt in to sharing their underlying data with people they choose,”

CURATE project Revolutionize Online Fashion Industry

A blockchain Start-up, CURATE has the vision to revolutionize online fashion industry by rewarding its users with BTC, ETH and their token, CUR8 for curating fashion styles. The blockchain start-up originated from London has also established some partnership with the major companies in the fashion industry & aims to rid of fake reviews and feedback easily with the blockchain technology implemented.

Crypto Shop Opened In Sioux Falls Anchorage Startup

A crypto startup, Anchorage has received green light from from the Division of Banking to become a South Dakota chartered trust company. The startups’s CEO Nathan McCauley said, “From top to bottom the state is really interested in seeing innovation happen. The South Dakota Trust Charter allows companies to operate on a national level so you can serve clients from every state.”

ABBC Coin Founder Collaborates with Blockchain Start-up PodMiners

A new partnership has been established between a blockchain start-up company, PodMiners with the founder of Dubai based payment platform ABBC Coin, Jason Daniel Paul Philip. PodMiners have created blockchain based podcasting platform which has caught the eye of the ABBC Coin founder which makes him decided to join the start-up as a partner. Philip is optimists with the potential of PodMiners to lead a transparent and secure transaction and contribute a positive development.

50 Members Participated in Blockchain Accelerator Startup Backed By Fidelity

A blockchain accelerator Startup Studio backed by Fidelity has recently welcomed 50 members such as the officers from Ethereum Foundation, Blockchain Capital, Messari and many more. A new program members of IDEO explained, “Today we’re excited to share the humans behind them — and many more — who deeply care about the blockchain community and helping entrepreneurs and developers in it succeed.”

Norton Revealed To Be NOIA Network Startup

A pioneer in internet peering tech & co-founder of Equinix, William B. Norton has been revealed to be the co-founder of NOIA Network startup (a programmable internet backbone). In NOIA Network blog, “Today, we want to present to you one of the original members of our talented core team. Meet William B. Norton, his role in the development of Programmable Internet & the evolution of NOIA has been decisive.”

Blockchain startup Vostok Sold To Russian Financial Consultant

A blockchain data management & smart city project, Vostok which was developed by the Waves platform team has been acquired by Mark Garber of the financial consultancy GHP Group, who was one of its earliest investors. Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov said, “I would like to focus on the international development of the Waves Platform. The tasks of building a decentralized Internet of the new generation based on the blockchain (Web3),”

Bitcoin Suisse Applied For Swiss Banking Licence

Bitcoin Suisse AG (a crypto finance startup) announced that it has submitted an application to the Finma (Swiss Financial Markets Supervision Authority) for a Swiss banking license and also in pursuit of obtaining authorization to trade securities. The firm’s risk management head David Riegelnig said, ”The application was to help the company adapt to the rapidly changing regulatory landscape in Switzerland and enhance the company’s market.”

Start-up Secures $3.5 Mn At RISE Tech Conference

A man popularly known as the ‘The Bitcoin Man’, Herbert Sim has recently invested a total of $3.5 million into two start-ups during the RISE Tech Conference 2019 in Hong Kong. The first start-up to receive the investment named TaoDust based in Malta and received $1 Million dollars investment and the second start-up named DIYBlockchain, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) Startup has received $2.5 million.

Ex-Bitmain CEO Begins New Crypto-startup

Wu Jihan, former CEO of Bitcoin mining firm, Bitmain has made public that he has started crypto-financial startup, called Matrixport which will offer over-the-counter (OTC) trading, lending and custody. The new firm headquartered in Singapore has also hired dozens of former Bitmain employees that were laid off from Bitmain. The firms CEO Ge Yuesheng claimed that Matrixport will act as a partner to Bitmain rather than a competitor.