News about Startups in Crypto Industry

Blockchain and Crypto Startup News

Countries supportive for the blockchain and crypto startups

Countries such as Switzerland, Malta, Gibraltar, Bermuda, and Slovenia are identified as crypto friendly countries. Strict…

Blockchain Investment News China

HK$50M blockchain investment by China Parenting Network

China Parenting Network Holdings Ltd has revealed the plan of investing HK$50 million on a new…

Blockchain Startup- MOBI

A blockchain startup forms part of MOBI

A blockchain startup, DAV Foundation, has joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). The members of…

Crypto Market News

Enigma unveils Testnet

The technology of the Enigma startup was built at the MIT Media Lab under the white…

Bitcoin Market News raises $600,000 and enables BCH transfer without internet, a blockchain startup, has raised $600,000 in a seed fund round organized by Yeoman’s Capital….

Blockchain Investment Platform News

Blockchain startup presents Institutional Investment Platform

The Blockchain, crypto wallet service provider, has launched Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS). It is aimed at…

Blockchain Market News

Node Capital to open office with 200,000 Ethereum

Node Capital, a blockchain-based Chinese venture capital firm, has declared the launch of its U.S. office…

Blockchain Technology Market

Blockchain Startup raises $6.5 Million Fund

A blockchain start-up Celo has announced its successful initial funding round with approximately $6.5 million raised….

Blockchain Technology Used for Food Waste Reduction

Blockchain Technology Used for Food Waste Reduction

A non-profit company is trying to observe the potential of blockchain technology in reducing the food…

CloudSight eyes on Bitcoin Lightning Network

CloudSight eyes on Bitcoin Lightning Network

CloudSight would be adopting Bitcoin Lightning Network for processing micro-transactions to gather and share visual knowledge…