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Bitcoin Exchange News

Moderator restores Twitter account of Bitfinex’s Critic

The account belonging to Bitfinex’ed was restored on Twitter following an account suspension by the Twitter…

FB Messenger unlikely to back crypto payments

FB Messenger unlikely to back crypto payments

Facebook Messenger Vice President, David Marcus revealed that the messenger is unlikely to support crypto payments…

FSF receives Bitcoin Donations

FSF receives Bitcoin Donations

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) had received 91.45 Bitcoins as donations. Bitcoins worth $1 million were…

Facebook bans Crypto Ads

Facebook bans Crypto Ads

Facebook released a new policy. It banned the advertisements of the ‘financial products and services which…

Bitcoin Trading News

Bitfury launches Crystal to guard transactions

Bitfury launched ‘Crystal’ supposed to make it easier for users to locate and examine criminal activity….

Cryptocurrency Market News

DoubleClick Ads: Dispense Crypto Mining Malware

The TrendMicro had revealed DoubleClick ad in Google were used to dispense ‘cryptocurrency mining malware.’ The…

Skuchain and NTT Data: Blockchain in Supply Chain

The Skuchain EC3 blockchain platform and NTT Data Corporation had associated to decipher blockchain technology to…

TraDove, a blockchain based social network

TraDove, a blockchain based social network

The TraDove, a social B2B network aims to adopt Ethereum based smart contracts and enhance its…

Cryptocurrency mining

Opera: Crypto mining protection for smartphones

The Opera extended the ‘cryptocurrency miner protection’ for smartphone users. The feature had already been presented…

Bitcoin Market News

Host of Bitcoin Ben to address Crypto Event

The Bitcoin expert, Bejamin Semchee hosts a Facebook and YouTube show titled ‘The Bitcoin Ben Show.’…