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Singapore: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Riches Seminar on 31st May

A seminar – “Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Riches – How to Profit From Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies” will be…

Crypto Exchange Market News

Currency Crisis in the Middle East Encourage People to Purchase Crypto

Nearly thirty percent of exchange traffic arises in the Middle East for the past few months….

Crypto Exchange Market News Japan Malaysia

Japanese Crypto Exchange opens office in Malaysia

A cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan, Bitpoint have expanded their exchange platform in various places all…

Crypto Bitcoin Exchanges Tether Platform Market News

Tether unveils $250 million fresh USDT Tokens

Tether issues USDT stablecoins that are backed by US dollars in a 1:1 ratio. It is…

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Coinsecure mails users to claim reimbursement

Coinsecure exchange has begun the process of refunding the victims who have lost nearly $3 million….

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LMAX: The Launch of an institutional Crypto Exchange

LMAX Exchange Group has declared the launch of LMAX Digital, an institutional crypto exchange. The exchange…

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Coincheck Confirms Delisting Four Altcoins for its Anonymity

Due to its recent major hacking incident happening earlier this year, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has…

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Belarus Among 10 Crypto-friendliest Countries

A study by BlockShow Europe 2018 shows that Switzerland has become the most-friendly country for cryptocurrencies…

William Mougayar criticizes SEC recognizing its Crypto familiarity

William Mougayar criticizes SEC recognizing its Crypto familiarity

William Mougayar, Ethereum Foundation advisor, stated that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission fall short of…

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Fred Wilson talks about Buffett’s understanding of Bitcoin

The managing partner and co-founder of the Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson, argued over Warren Buffett’s…