News on Bitcoin in Crypto Market

Ex Deutsche Bank Exec: World Can’t Ignore Bitcoin in Geopolitics

World just can’t turn its face from Bitcoin prices have mixed and integrated with geopolitics of the globe opiniones former exec of Major German bank, Deutsche Bank. Peter Tchir, a former Executive Director at Deutsche Bank, stated “Is that a sign that the Chinese elite know they headlines are more negative than the reality of the situation? It isn’t a clear enough signal, but for now, I think Bitcoin is hinting that there is no alarm in China, which is positive.”

Paxful Bringing Infrastructure For Bitcoin Based Economy

A peer-to-peer digital marketplace, Paxful which allow its customers to buy Bitcoin even without a bank account which gives greater access to conventional financial services. At present they are developing infrastructure for future economics and committed to bringing financial inclusion to the underbanked and unbanked through peer-to-peer finance, making the most out what Bitcoin technology.

Bitcoin Reward Lolli App Partners Safeway For Expansion

Lolli (an online shopping app which offers 3-5% return in Bitcoin) has announced its partner with Albertson’s subsidiary Safeway as it expands into 900 retail locations. CEO of Lolli Alex Adelman said, “We saw a demand from users to earn bitcoin for every day expenses like food and pharmacy. So we know the merchants and understand the business model well.”

Use Bitcoin To Pay For Public Transport At Fortaleza

A Brazilian city, Fortaleza’s (state capital of Ceará), Ceará Co-operative of Autonomous Passenger Transporters (COOTRAPS) has announced that Fortaleza public transportation service will soon begin to accept Bitcoins as a method of payment. A finance officer, Carlos Roberio commented, “This is an attempt to reduce bureaucracy by making the system easier for the user.”

Maduro Uses Bitcoin To Avoid U.S. Sanctions

The Venezuelan government headed by President Nicolás Maduro has been facing American sanctions as part of their plan to to evade economic sanctions, they are turing to leveraging tax revenue and cryptocurrencies. Maduro and his associates were using a digital wallet app to turn tax revenue from domestic airports into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that were then transferred to exchanges in Hong Kong, Hungary, Russia and China.

Democratic Prez Candidate’s Campaign Funded By Bitcoin

The New York Democrat, Andrew Yang who has been cryptocurrency enthusiast have stayed true to his words becoming the first major presidential candidate to have his campaign funded in part by Bitcoin. Afran Rahman, the CEO of OpenNode expressed, “…individuals who want to donate just a bit to Yang’s platform now have that opportunity. It allows the donors to have all of the amounts go toward the actual donation rather than miner fees.”

Boom In Bitcoin ATM Numbers

The number of Bitcoin ATMs are increasing at a high pace, at present 2019 there are around 5000 Bitcoin ATM which was started way back in 2013 in Vancouver. A bitcoin ATM firm LibertyX, alone operates over 1,000 ATMs in the U.S. Brandon Mintz of Bitcoin Depot said, “It’s simple. Run down to your 24/7 store with cash, sign up and transact within a minute, send the money down to a receiver and they will get it 20 minutes later,”

Online Retail Now Accepts Bitcoin In 73 Countries

The Newegg (a online retail store based in Canada) has announced that it expanded Bitcoin payment option to customers in 73 more countries. This move will users purchase its products with Bitcoin (BTC) in almost all of the countries under Newegg’s coverage. But customers residing in six countries: Algeria, Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco and Vietnam aren’t able to access this facility.

TTC Collaborates with

An announcement has been made regarding a new partnership of Blockchain Platform TTC with one of the largest Bitcoin mining pool, to boost adoption. The CEO of, Zhong Zhuang explained, “TTC is a rare team in the blockchain scene with a clear go-to-market strategy and strong execution capabilities. We are excited to drive the blockchain mass adoption with TTC through this partnership.”

A Belgian Claims To be Satoshi Nakomoto

In the ongoing case between estate of the late David Kleiman who has sued Australian computer scientist and self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright for stealing hundreds of thousands of BTC, saw letter from man called Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. In his letter, “I hereby testify, by written letter — I am the genuine and only originator/creator of the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain.”