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Bitstamp Warns Users to Increase Security Measures

An analysis conducted by Chainalysis have revealed that approximately $25 billion worth of cryptocurrency was lost. Due to the great number revealed in the analysis, Bitstamp were giving out their reminder towards their user and encouraging them to apply a strong security measure in preventing such misfortunate to be happening in the future.

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Increasing interest for Crypto Investment in South Africa

A survey has been conducted in South Africa by the MyBroadband 2018 Cryptocurrency Survey Paints, which has participated by 1,244 readers and have indicated an interesting finding. The survey has revealed that one in two residents located in South Africa is tempted to be investing in Bitcoin or other alternative coins.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Market Dubai

BitOasis turns down against Dirham withdrawals and deposits

BitOasis, the crypto exchange based in Dubai, announced that it would not support deposits or withdrawals in dirhams commencing from Tuesday. The company has already put forward the message among the account holders. The company exposed, “The only way to withdraw funds after 15th May would be to convert it to cryptocurrency and transfer them to an external wallet.”

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Chris Lee Leaves OKEx

The Chief Executive Officer of the OKEx, a crypto exchange in Hong-Kong, Chris Lee made an announcement on his resignation. Chris Lee has mentioned that he aspires to “start a new life.” Lee quoted that he had had “the greatest pleasure and an honor” working with OKEx and also mentioned that he would return to the blockchain workspace sooner.

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Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Predicted by John McAfee to replace Monero

John McAfee has predicted that Monero would be replaced by Bitcoin Private (BTCP). The prediction has been shared by him in a recent interview session with CWN and then mentioned that BTCP is currently at a lower price but has the potential to replace BCH and BTC someday in the future.

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The number of New Crypto Exchanges Increases in South East Asia

Despite the unfriendly law imposed by the South Asian country’s regulators, numbers of new cryptocurrency exchanges have grown in countries like South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Four new platforms reported having launched its exchanges, named Coinbit, Jibex, Kenninex, and Coinvil.

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‘Bitcoin Jesus’ predicts future of Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, known as the Bitcoin Jesus, predicted that the Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash would outperform Bitcoin sooner. He stated in an interview with The Independent, “I see it happening, and I believe it is imminent. Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin by the end of the year, and Bitcoin Cash could do the same before 2020.”

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Mt. Gox 8,214 Bitcoins pushed to Unknown Wallet

Mt. Gox has been reported to have transferred 16,000 Bitcoins from cold storage account to various other accounts earlier. The exchange has moved 8,214 Bitcoins from the cold storage to an unknown wallet account. The cryptos were transferred in four slots with 2,000 being moved three times and 2,214 once. They reveal over-the-counter trade (OTC) or sell-off.

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Crypto exchange introduces Blockchain Accelerator and Venture Firm

Lykke, the crypto exchange has established a blockchain integrated accelerator and venture firm in association with its former executives from IBM and UBS. The Zug, Blockchain Valley Ventures based in Switzerland would be extending various services favoring the integration of blockchain technology, ICO and aid entities in implementing open source tech of Lykke.

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Upbit Exchange Investigation impacts Crypto Market

The price of Bitcoin dropped below $9,000 level and Ethereum below $700 level in 24 hours of the news on South Korean officials probing the office of Upbit crypto spread. It is reported that the exchange drained as the users withdrew their funds and assets from the crypto exchange. The crypto market fell by $50 billion loss.