Crypto Still At Steady Pace In East Asia

Crypto Still At Steady Pace In East Asia

Despite banning and uncertain regulations in some part of East Asia, the cryptocurrency-related activities go steady in Japan and South Korea. These two countries hold one of the most-traded currencies in cryptocurrency exchanges. However, there is no restriction yet to implement blockchain technology in East Asia yet.

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Cryptocurrencies Visioned To Transform Gambling Industry

Most of the Giants’ companies in gambling industry began to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With the implementation of this technology to the gambling industry, it has revolutionized the industry itself when the fairer chance of winning offered to the players, reduced the risk of complete loss and many more.

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Discussion on Use of Petro in International Transactions

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry revealed that the possibility of using Petro in international transactions is being observed at the session of the Russian-Venezuelan intergovernmental commission. Maduro intends to develop four economic zones to operate with Petro. It is said that the Russian Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Oleg Ryazancev stated Venezuela as their strategic partner.

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Vitalik Buterin writes a new proposal on Ether Supply

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, proposed the Ethereum supply capitalization. He mentioned it to be at 120,204,432 under the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP). The founder quoted on adoption of EIP, “it is possible to set higher max cap and added “144,052,828 ETH or exactly the total amount.”

World Bit Bank Will Be World's First Legal Crypto Bank

World Bit Bank Will Be World’s First Legal Crypto Bank

According to the report, two years process has been spent in developing the world’s first international cryptocurrency bank, World Bit Bank (WBB). The establishment of the so-called first legal cryptocurrency bank stated to “conduct the PRE-ICO for implementation of this project, legally in the EU.”           

Bitfract Released New Platform With Additional Feature

Bitfract Released New Platform With Additional Feature

Bitfract has launched a new exchanges platform for a more diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies on April 1st. According to the press release, the newly-launched platform enabled the investors to “sign up for multiple exchanges for specific coins, manually calculate allocations, and then execute transactions individually.”

Binance Keep Accelerating Operation Despite Tight Regulation

Binance Fights Despite Tight Regulation

The founder of Binance, Zhao Changpeng, may face difficulties as more countries in the world are tightening its regulation in cryptocurrency. According to a recent interview with Zhao, he responded the strategy of hiding their office and servers with the following statement, “We’re OK to do things very creatively to avoid unnecessary regulation.”

Tough Luck For Crypto In First Quarter Of The Year 2018

Tough Luck For Crypto In First Quarter Of The Year 2018

The price market analysis witnessed a very slow movement of price growth towards cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2018. According to the report, a data provided by CoinMarketCap shows that not even one out of 10 biggest cryptocurrency market capita has shown a great performance during the quarter.

WHO calls cryptos Pandemic

WHO calls cryptos Pandemic

The World Health Organization has coined digital assets and cryptocurrencies a ‘global pandemic.’ The director of the WHO, Zara Peterson said at a press conference, “In the light of the speed with which cryptos are spreading, we have found it necessary to declare a global, worldwide, pandemic.” The organization took less time to declare cryptos pandemic without analyzing or observing classifications.

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Chinese Crypto Exchange Now Operate In South Korea

A cryptocurrency exchange platform headquartered in Beijing, China, Huobi have started its operation in South Korea. According to the report, Huobi mentioned that cold wallets have been added as a new feature that will increase security measures and will be used to store up to 985 of the user assets.