Oil Refinery Company eyes on Bitcoin

Oil Refinery Company eyes on Bitcoin

The Chiron Refineries Limited declared that it is to enter the cryptocurrency market. The company operates to enhance oil refineries in Africa. Presently, the company aims to sell Bitcoin ATMs. It entered into an agreement with Crypto Technologies Limited which will bring out a technology for speedy cryptocurrency transactions.

Stellar's XLM Bullish Trend in Crypto Market

Stellar’s XLM: Bullish Trend in Crypto Market

The XLM token is experiencing a bullish market trend. According to OnChainFX chart, the XLM was traded at $0.57. It was nearing cent percent when compared to last week’s market cap at $0.30. It is revealed that the XLM paired with BTC being traded on Binance platform had grown by 10 percent. However, XLM is observed to be 37% below since it made its all-time high record on 4th January.

Goldman Sachs CEO denies Bitcoin Trade

Goldman Sachs CEO denies Bitcoin Trade

The Goldman Sachs CEO had deprived of the report which stated that the bank would launch a bitcoin trading platform. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs clearly stated, “We are clearing futures in bitcoin for some of our future clients. We would clear them. A principle bitcoin business where we are going long and short, market making, so far we are not.”

Two more Companies to adopt XRP

Two more Companies to adopt XRP

Two more companies will adapt to the use of XRP token. The IDT Corporation and Mercury declared that they ‘will steer Ripple’s xRapid for money transfers.’ Ripple claimed that Cuallix, financial services firm, had been using XRP. Ripple CEO, Garlinghouse said, “Payment providers like IDT Corporation and MercuryFX are early movers because they understand what XRP can do to their business and customer base.”

Bermuda to adopt Blockchain Land Registry

Bermuda to adopt Blockchain Land Registry

The Bermuda intends to adopt blockchain technology for maintaining the land registry. David Burt said, “Bermuda has an old school deeds-based property system. What we are going to do is transfer our registry to the blockchain. Clearly it needs to be transparent so people know what’s there and be secure, and that way we know who owns what at any point in time.”


Blockchain Technology

LBMA watching to integrate Blockchain Tech

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is establishing possibilities if blockchain can aid in preventing money laundering activities in spot markets. The Executive Board Director, Sakhila Mirza emphasized, “Blockchain cannot be ignored.” The LBMA is looking out for integrating blockchain technology for effective accountability and transparency.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin would collapse and be forgotten

The Yale professor and Nobel Laureate, Robert Shiller stated that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency would downfall. He said the CNBC, “Bitcoin might totally collapse and be forgotten.” He added, “It could linger on for a good long time, it could be here in 100 years.”

Cryptocurrency Market

Litecoin Price Cap constant above $150

The Litecoin Price is observed to be stable above the market capitalization of $150. It is revealed that the price was constant above $165. Currently, the cryptocurrency is traded at $165 and above which is identified as the ‘decent buy zone’. It is suspected to move above $190.

Cryptocurrency News and Updates

Ethereum based CryptoCelebrities follow CryptoKitties

The CryptoCelebrities game entitles the users to buy contracts of celebrities based on Ethereum blockchain. Every celebrity listed carry sole contract. The player can trade and purchase contracts. Subsequently, when another player is interested in the contract, they will have to meet the higher payment obligation. Every contract is worth 0.05 ETH and subsequently rises 1.15 times.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinbase revenue hit more than $1 billion

The cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, had managed to make more than $1 billion revenue in the previous fiscal year. The company had exceeded its revenue estimate by 66%. The exchange charges 0.25% and 1% fees for trading in cryptocurrencies on its platform. The platform had gained nearly 13 million users by the end of December.