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BitMex liquidates Bitcoin Cash

BitMex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges has discharged bitcoin cash for bitcoin. The exchange has reported that the users of bitcoin cash were compensated with bitcoin in the ratio of 1 BCH to 0.1707 XBT.


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Ripple coin pushes Ethereum downward in the market

Ripple, a cryptocurrency that first raised in 2013, has gushed 53 percent in the last 24 hours surpassing ethereum and take holds the title of the world’s second valuable digital coin. The market value rocketed to $86 billion while ether is at $73 billion pushed to number three in the crypto market.


Survey reveals Russians prefer to receive crypto gifts

Russian’s investment in bitcoin exchange would upturn. The Hi-Tech Mail, a Russian technology portal conducted a pre-new year’s poll among 20,000 respondents. When asked about the desire to receive cryptocurrency as a gift, 49% of the participants revealed desire to own bitcoins. This highlights the interest in cryptocurrency market growing in Russia which is projected that the holdings would increase in upcoming year.

Roger McNamee about bitcoin legitimacy in 2018

The legendary tech investor, Roger McNamee in an interview on CNBC stated that “bitcoin is a very small market but had a huge year”. He cited that in the upcoming year, bitcoin will experience ‘big swings up and presumably down’, with people willing to invest believing bitcoin play a long-term role in financial market. He also added that “even after crash, what follows is a legitimate industry” in the market.

Bullish break of Bitcoin hit Ethereum and Bitcoin cash

The trading of largest cryptocurrency is on rise. Yet, the trade of bitcoin cash, ethereum and other cryptocurrency had dropped with appreciation of beyond 7 percent bitcoin transactions. This trading pairs will impact the market price of bitcoin which would take longer time to reach $20,000 though there is upward trend in its price.  

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FSA licenses Bitocean Corporation as a crypto exchange

Tokyo-based Bitocean Corporation has been licensed by the Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) to operate as a crypto exchange. It is the sixteenth company to have received the approval which is currently developing two-way bitcoin ATMs by establishing bitcoin trading platform. However, as per information published on FSA’s website, this exchange can trade only bitcoin.

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GDAX bitcoin cash market on the network

Coinbase owned and governed digital asset exchange, GDAX, resumed bitcoin cash trading that is proposed to outgrow. In just fifteen minutes of resumption of trading, the virtual currency worth $39 million was exchanged.

Bitcoin Market News

XRP token, third prime cryptocurrency by market capitalization

The XRP token by the Ripple surpassed $1 for the first time in history. The listing price of the RippleNet cryptocurrency network multiplied by time and reached $1.87. During the inactive market period, the price was steadily held at $0.20. XRP is now falling in line with ethereum and bitcoin, it is now the third largest cryptocurrency with supply value of $72 billion.  

Radar Relay raised $3 million

Radar Relay is a decentralized token exchange designed to serve as a hub of Ox protocol. The beta version of this decentralized Ethereum network can be accessed by a Brave or Metamask browser. It is expected to come out of the beta development stage during the first quarter of 2018.

Crypto Investments by Korean Professionals Surveyed

Seoul- based online employment platform Saramin, published a survey report that revealed 31.03% of 931 office goers in South Korea have are cryptocurrency investors. Their average crypto investment amounts to $5,170 per individual approximately. They claimed that they made money swiftly. However, crypto users in South Korea are likely to see capital gain taxes on such investments and such other regulation mounting in the market.