Block Adventure Makes Its Maiden Fintech Series At London

Block Adventure will be bringing outs its inaugural ‘Fintech Disruption’ event in Whitechapel, London on coming 31st May. The event is expected to attract a range of investors, blockchain startups and leading experts in venture capital arena. There will be a panel discussion focusing on crypto banking, financing early-stage blockchain-based businesses, and the evolution of Institutional liquidity providers.

Hong Kong Fintech Association for Blockchain Welcomes Cardano

The Hong Kong’S Fintech Association which represents the country’s local and global Fintech community has recently welcomed its newest member, Cardano Foundation. In an announcement made in Cardano’s Foundation social media have shared, “Cardano Foundation is proud to announce that they have joined the Fintech Association of Hong Kong as its newest member.”

Germany To Develop Blockchain Strategy

Germany has recently revealed that it will come up with a blockchain strategy within year. The aim of this exercise will be to make financial markets in Europe secure, unified and more accessible nad further enable the commercial industry to take advantage of the developments in blockchain and similar technologies. The European Union last March, 2018 announced its its Fintech Action Plan.

Japan: Blockchain Platform Developed by SoramitsuCo. Ltd

A FinTech company headquartered in Japan, SoramitsuCo., Ltd have confirmed that it has successfully developed a blockchain platform which considered as another achievement in the company’s development. The production-ready version V1.0 of the Hyperledger Iroha blockchain framework has been released by the firm in collaboration with Linux Foundation.

South Korea: Dunamu Invested $46 Mn in Blockchain During 2018

A fintech company based in South Korea, Dunamu, has shared that they have invested approximately $46 million worth of investment for 26 blockchain startups last year. The CEO of Dunam, Ryan Lee then explained their vision in blockchain space, “Our goal is to contribute to the healthy growth of the blockchain ecosystem by actively investing in startups with world-class technology and services with potential for real-life implementation.”

9 More Blockchain Companies Approved By South Korean FSC

South Korea is one of the country that is actively adopting blockchain technology in various sector. Recently, the report has confirmed that 9 more blockchain companies are authorized into the country’s fintech regulatory sandbox. The approval was done by the South Korean Financial Service Commission (FSC) that approves in a total of 18 companies so far. Jo In-dong, head of the economic policy said, “Innovative start-up investment will be the cornerstone of corporate growth … in our society,”

Blockchain Platform for Financial Sector Introduced in Iran

A blockchain platform called Borna is currently under the development stage by Iran’s Central Bank with the collaboration from blockchain solutions platform, Areatak. The CEO of Areatak, Saeed Khoshbakt explained, “Our wish is that simply by establishing their operations on Borna, businesses will have automatically gained the central bank’s initial license, which will be major progress for the fintech .”

Japan Major Financial Institution to Introduce Blockchain-powered Trade Finance Services

Japan: Major Financial Institution to Introduce Blockchain-powered Trade Finance Services

One of the largest bank in terms of total assets in Japan, the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) will be launching blockchain-powered trade finance services. The managing director of Marco Polo, Danie Cotti explained, “Today, we have the resources and technology to transform the way banks serve their trade finance customers and enable easier access to credit while minimizing risk and increasing transparency.”

SILA Launch New Economy App in Beta

An API platform for the development of FinTech, Sila has launched a Beta program with vision to become a connecting bridge of Ethereum blockchain and the existing payment system. The CEO of Sila, Shamir Kakal commented, “Blockchain has provided a revolutionary method to transfer value, but the industry still needs to connect to existing banking facilities to move forward.”

Blackmoon Joins Hand With Many To Bring Out a Investable ETxs

Blackmoon Joins Hand With Many To Bring Out a Investable ETxs

Blackmoon Financial Group (a FinTech & Blockchain Firm) has partnered with, Plato Technologies Inc., Dr. Werner & Partner, Jarvis International Ltd., Rivver and FintechSauce to create a showcase of investable Exchange Traded Indexes (ETxs) that track the performance of a multitude of products, services and sentiment indexes that these firms offer.