Quoine unveils Liquid crypto platform

Quoine unveils Liquid crypto platform

Quoine has launched Liquid, a crypto one-stop trading portal. It enables users to access the worldwide network of crypto exchanges. The Liquid would also introduce Wolrd Book Technology that aggregate trade options and price supported by various exchanges and enables users to place orders. It is expected to bridge the gap between traditional finance and token economy.

Deutsche Borse in HQLAx

Deutsche Borse owns a minor stake in HQLAx

The Deutsche Borse Group has invested in HQLAx, a fintech company. A minor stake has been bought aiming liquidity and collateral management solutions for a ‘single-digit euro million amount.’ The stock exchange operator intends to develop a blockchain integrated operating model for securities lending. Reportedly, the Borse Group would get two board seats at the fintech company.

eFatoora- Digital Wallet News

eFatoora announces blockchain-based digital wallet

eFatoora has presented e-Mal, a digital wallet based on the blockchain. The e-Mal platform is to enable the storage of fiat and virtual currencies. The platform would be supporting EML token. The platform has undergone respective mandatory tests for approval. It is reported that the retailers can access e-Mal Information Centre for loyalty and subscription programs.

Taiwan- Digital Token

Taiwan Startup launches Fiat-Pegged Digital Token

A Taiwan-headquartered company, Green World Fintech Services has launched its fiat-pegged digital token, New Taiwan Dollar (NTD). The company has also patented a unique process for NTD as an effort to protect the digital token invented for the prevention of money laundering purposes and any illegal activities. The token is to be less volatile compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Western Union- Cryptocurrency News

Western Union mentions BTC and LTC network in its patent

The Western Union Company, a financial services company, has filed a patent application on ‘receiving and handling secure transfers’ with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application also listed Bitcoin peer-to-peer network, Litecoin and other blockchain networks as a means for electronic transaction network. The blockchain is detailed to implement a decentralized distributed database.

BNB in Nexo’s Crypto-backed loans

BNB in Nexo’s Crypto-backed loans

Nexo, a fintech group supported by Credissimo, declared the acceptance of Binance Coin (BNB) as collateral for crypto-backed loans. Nexo acknowledging the preference of the customers has embraced Binance’s native in the crypto loan plan. Over three months, the coin has encountered maximum price fluctuations. Currently, the BNB is at $14.92.

Blockchain Technology Market

Wirecard to embrace blockchain tech

Wirecard firm is to organize its digital payment and banking platform by embracing blockchain technology. The aim of the firm is to connect the merchants with producers transforming the business processes in smart contracts. Jorn Leogrande, EVP of the company, stated, “The technology could be used to establish a comprehensive loyalty system, transparent and cost-efficient banking solutions.”

Blockchain Technology Platform

Chynge to launch blockchain remittance platform

Chynge, a fintech startup, would be unveiling a blockchain remittance platform. The platform would enable the users to transfer money for free and instantaneously. The remittance platform identified as Chynge Central is to be steered by Chynge’s distributed ledger technology system, backed by Stellar blockchain protocol. The public ICO is to be launched on 28th June.

Crypto Bitcoin Exhanges Platform Market News

BCH and XRP in Revolut Platform

Revolut, fintech startup which processes nearly 100,000 crypto transactions on a daily basis, has declared the addition of Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to its platform. The users are enabled to purchase and sell cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Bitstamp manages the transactions with Revolut charging 1.5% transaction fees. It has also announced on Vault feature.

Fintech Crypto Exchange Market News

Fintech Company Plans to Launch Crypto Exchange Soon

One of the well-known personal budgeting apps, Money Forward Inc. has revealed its plan to launch a cryptocurrency asset exchange soon. The project is to be led by the MF Financial Co. Ltd. The company intends to unveil a crypto media platform following the launch of the exchange and digital assets remittance and settlement system.