News on Initial Coin Offerings

MATRIX meets 13227.5 ETH Sale

MATRIX meets 13227.5 ETH Sale

MATRIX, a blockchain startup had raised 13,227.5 Ethereum by issuing 50 million tokens through Initial Coin Offerings. The startup had established a Blockchain 3.0 cryptocurrency solution and ventures to develop a ‘Bayesian mining system’ which will aid medical diagnoses, complex financial modeling and such others.

Bitcoin News

Listia raises $15 million

The startup company, Listia is intended to establish a decentralized marketplace in the upcoming month. It managed to raise $15 million through Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The company will launch ‘Ink Protocol’ on its marketplace by 28th February.

18. Bluzelle made $19.5 million

Bluzelle made $19.5 million

The Bluzelle has raised $19.5 million from its Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The decentralized database provider raised the ICO campaign for building a decentralized internet. It is revealed that nearly 500 tokens had been generated out of which 165 million were sold. Notable investors include Kenetic Capital,             Hashed, Kryptonite 1 and such others.


Eticket4 launches Pre-ICO

Eticket4 aims to sell 3 million ICO tokens

The Eticket4, the company which sells tickets for sports, music and theatre events, had announced the launch of its Pre-ICO on 30th January. Totally, 30 million ET4 tokens will be released at the rate of 1/1000 ETH. Nearly 3 million tokens are set to be sold during the Pre-ICO which can be purchased using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BnkToTheFuture $30 million raised in pre-sale

BnkToTheFuture: $30 million raised in pre-sale

The BnkToTheFuture, a financial technology investment company had managed to raise $30 million through the presale. The company targeted completely on institutional investors. The tokens will entitle the users to ‘get access to the multi-tiered membership’. The CEO of the company said, “The ICO boom proved that there is a huge appetite to allocate funds to blockchain technology when a liquid secondary market exists.”  


Crypto N’ Kafe announces Pre-ICO token-sale

The decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology, Crypto N’ Kafe is set to be launched by the Cryptocurrency & Commodity Solutions. The project is aimed to provide benefits to small-scale farmers, trades and retailers. The pre-ICO is said to begin from 18th January with 25-35% bonus and the ICO is dated 4th February. The target is to issue 51,000,000 CNK tokens and 51,000 ETH.


Symmetry Fund to ease investors’ confusion

Swings with its ICO! The Symmetry Fund aiming to generate revenue through various cryptocurrency trades began its ICO on 10th December, 2017 which will take place till 10th February, 2018. The second round is said to begin from 10th February. The company is aimed at establishing a trading platform like mutual funds for investors to invest in cryptocurrencies that would aid investors unaware of the crypto investment structure.


Etherbanking: The successful cryptocurrency lender began its ICO

Etherbanking, the first automated banking application is desired to establish a proficient system that benefits from the Ethereum blockchain. It had started its ICO targeted to issue 5 million EBC tokens at $10 each.


Betrium: Pre-ICO with 25% discount

The Betrium will launch Pre-ICO from 22nd January on 25% discount which will end on 14th February this year.  The estimated initial token price for the Pre-ICO is at 6000 BTRM per ETH.


e-Chat unveils third token sale

The e-Chat has the secure platform for financial transactions. It invited the investors and users to invest in its third token sale. One of the major benefit is that it integrates major cryptocurrencies. Till date, the company had attained its estimated ICO target.