Crypto Regulation News

BoE Criticized for Falling Behind in Regulating Crypto

The Bank of England (BoE) was criticized on Digital Currencies in the hearing of UK Treasury…

Crypto Exchange News

Banks to Work with Crypto Exchange in Chile

Chile’s Court has ordered the local banks to work with cryptocurrency exchange. The court of appeals…

ICO Regulation

Bermuda regulates ICO

The Minister of Finance of Bermuda, David Burt has declared the introduction of new rules covering…

Tax in Crypto Trading

Offshore Crypto Trading Included in Australia’s Tax Obligations

The Australia Tax Office (ATO) has made it clear that investors who are trading cryptocurrencies offshore…

Crypto Investors

Hackers target new Crypto Investors

The co-founder of a London-headquartered company named Elliptic which focus on tracking and preventing crime in…

Bitcoin News

Kidnapping case demanding bitcoin spreads

Liyaqat Parker was kidnapped by five armed men and demanded bitcoin as the ransom in South…

Binance News

YouTuber’s hacked accounts receive MFT tokens; credited to Binance

A crypto-YouTuber, Ian Balinca's account has been reactivated and transferred the funds to Binance. The account…

Crypto Fraud Cases in US

The U.S to Focus on Crypto Related Fraud cases

A task force has been formed by the U.S President to further investigate cases related to…

Crypto Regulation in South Korea News

Politicians to Raise Importance of Crypto Regulation in South Korea’s National Assembly

The politicians in South Korea will address on cryptocurrency regulation in the National Assembly this month….

Crypto News in India

Cryptos may not be banned in India

Cryptocurrencies may be treated as commodities in India. A Finance Ministry consortium has been commanded to…