News on Crime in Crypto Industry

Bitcoin Scam Woman to Jail News

Bitcoin scam: 50-year-old woman sentenced to jail

Theresa Tetley, a bitcoin trader, has been charged with an imprisonment sentence for a year. Tetley…

Bancor Hacked Crypto

Bancor hacked: $12 million worth cryptos stolen

The Switzerland-based exchange, Bancor, halted operations since a ‘security breach’ was reported. It is identified that…

Crypto News

One million computers hit to generate $2 million worth cryptos

The Chinese Police have charged nearly twenty hackers in connection with an illegal crypto mining case….

YouTube- BitConnect News

YouTube- a defendant in BitConnect lawsuit

YouTube added as a defendant in a lawsuit filed against BitConnect. The lawsuit filed by six…

Two Arrested- Bitcoin

Two Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Bitcoin

Two suspects have been arrested by the Santa Clara County sheriff deputies for bitcoin theft. Currently,…

Malware- Trap Mac Users

Malware Created to Trap Mac Users

A malware named “OSX.Dummy” was said to be aiming at the Mac users by infecting their…

Cryptojacking Threats

Linux Users Exposed to Cryptojacking Threats

The number of cryptocurrency malware in Linux has shown a significant increase. This indicates that the…

Blockchain Market News

SEC accuses the illegal sale of UBI Blockchain stock

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charges the Attorney T J Jesky and the business affairs…

Crypto Wallet News

2.3 million crypto wallets observed by malware

The Bleeping Computer (BC) has been spreading warning messages for the users to exercise caution while…

Bitcoin Market News

U.S. government to forfeit confiscated bitcoins worth $24 million

The U.S. government would forfeit $24 million worth of bitcoins that were confiscated from vendors on…