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Ernst & Young LLP Acquires Digital Asset Accounting and Tax Technology

Ernst & Young LLP (EY) has acquired Cryptocurrency-Asset Accounting and Tax (CAAT) to expand its blockchain-related…

Blockchain Startup in South Korea

Tax Rules Revision in South Korea to Benefit Blockchain Startup

The South Korean government has announced to amend the existing tax rules to benefit the blockchain…

Crypto Policy in Japan

Tax Agency declares Crypto Policy in Japan

An announcement has been made by the Japanese NTA (Tax Agency) regarding the newly-released strategic policy…

Tax in Crypto Trading

Offshore Crypto Trading Included in Australia’s Tax Obligations

The Australia Tax Office (ATO) has made it clear that investors who are trading cryptocurrencies offshore…

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Joint committee to curtail crypto tax evasions

The tax authorities from five countries have formed a Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5)…

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Two-month extension to file tax statements with crypto capital

The United States IRS has declared two-month extension up to 15th June for filing tax statements….

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Japan: High-Income Traders discloses crypto profits

Since the implementation of tax charges towards cryptocurrency, the Japanese tax authority revealed the high-income taxpayers…

Crypto Exchange Market News Ireland

Taxation of Crypto Transaction in Ireland

A manual with complete guidelines, named “Tax and Duty Manual” has been published by the Irish…

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Thailand: Crypto Experts to Discuss Taxation Guidelines with Government

A discussion will be held this week between Thailand’s official with blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to…

Crypto Exchange Market News India

India: Crypto Tax under GST

The Indian government would be imposing eighteen percent Goods and Services Tax (GST) on crypto trading….