0x Protocol Suffers Security Breach

A decentralised exchange protocol 0x has unveiled to public that it has detected vulnerability in its code and has temporarily shutdown its operations. The breach was noticed at first by Sam Sun, a third party security service firm. 0x’s cofounder Will Warren commented, “This vulnerability would allow an attacker to fill certain orders with invalid signatures. This vulnerability does not affect the ZRX token contract; your digital assets are safe.”

Bullion Trading Platform Runs On Blockchain has Appointed New CTO

Blockchain-powered gold and silver trading platform, Tradewind Market has recently appointed the former executive of BNY Mellon, Leon Shklar as its chief technology officer (CTO). Shklar then explained,” We are building new systems and solutions to strengthen the ecosystem for precious metals and alternative assets, where they can be traded at tighter spreads, deployed as collateral more frequently and held in custody more securely.”

BioPharma Ledger Launched By ALTEN Calsoft Labs 

A clinical trial blockchain platform has been launched by ALTEN Calsoft Labs (a digital R&D firm) called BioPharma Ledger and Clinlogix will be the first to pilot and implement the platform in real-world clinical trials. CEO of Clinlogix JeanMarie Markham said, “Clinlogix has always embraced new technologies that improve patient outcomes, safety and health along with helping our sponsors to get new treatments to market rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively.”

BitMEX Witness Increase in Attacks on Accounts

Hong Kong-based peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has reported an influx of attacks on user account credentials. BitMEX cautions users to follow security best practices and enable two-factor authentication following an increase in attacks on user accounts. In addition to covering a litany of best practices for user security, it also stressed the importance of using two-factor authentication (2FA) in particular.

A Blueprint for Digital Economy Released By Kenya

The Ministry of Information Communications and Technology of Kenya along with various stakeholders in ICT arena has unveiled a digital economy blueprint which will help the nation to give leverage to its emerging market economy. Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru stated, “The digital economy will connect you to the world, your goods, services, and expertise will be accessible across borders, opening up markets and catapulting Kenya to join 1st world markets…”

NVIDIA Elite Inception Program Welcomes AMMUT

NVIDIA’s elite Inception Program has shared that they have recently welcomed Ammut Network with the aim in helping the innovative startups transforming the AI sectors in terms of capability and data science. The Software Development professional for Ammut, Melissa Alexander commented, “We hope that together we can make the world a better place and bring blockchain to everyone’s attention, one use case at a time.”

Blockchain Bank BABB Welcomes Demetrios Zamboglou

A blockchain-based regulated bank based in London, BABB has recently welcomed Demetrios Zambouglou as its newly appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dr Zamboglou explained, “My most recent experience has been focused on developing a variety of blockchain-related projects that are orientated towards harnessing the unique power of blockchain to serving the global community.”

Liquid and Virtual Currency Partners To Create JV

Virtual Currency Partners (VCP) and Liquid.com (Japan based Crypto trading firm) have joined hands with aim to penetrate into US market and created a joint venture (JV) called Liquid Financial USA Inc. Mike Kayamori, Liquid’s co-founder and CEO said,“The US is one of the world’s largest markets for cryptocurrency and we have received widespread expressions of interest from our community, corporate and institutional customers to serve the US market.”

Seasteading Folly Creates Bitcoin Surge In Thailand

The recent issue in Thailand where well off couple tried to built illegal home off the coast and receive death penalty threat from the nation’s navy has given a huge publicity and has caused Bitcoin volumes to rise in Thailand. Estimates from some local exchange there has been 4x rise on the peer-to-peer site. Navy said they’re under Thai’s jurisdiction, but the couple beg to differ by claiming they offcoast 13 nautical mile in International water.

First Italian Transaction Via Blockchain Successfully Completed by UniCredit

First Italian Transaction Via Blockchain Successfully Completed by UniCredit

UniCredit has successfully completed the first Italian transaction via blockchain-powered trading platform by we.trade. The head global transaction banking, Luca Corsini said, “We believe that we.trade can contribute to redefining business relationships among SMEs, removing obstacles that typically make international transactions costly and complex whilst delivering concrete benefits for our clients.”