Comments Policy

Comments Policy

The values listed below emphasize Incrypts hand on the public comments in our postings. We aim to boost bright discourse through comment section.


  • Any comment that belittles any race, religion, social background, gender or sexual orientation will not be borne.
  • Comments that are appropriate for a posting or critics on the same are welcome.
  • Personal hurtful attacks on authors and other users will not be tolerated. We aim to safeguard the users and authors who promote fair posts fearlessly.
  • Spamming cannot be tolerated.
  • Replica will be discarded.
  • Repeatedly trolling to seek attention will be noticed and appropriate action will be taken.


  • Practice flawless writing.
  • We do not accept comments that we don’t understand. Ensure that the comments are clear exposing strong opinions.
  • Stick to the topic or post.
  • Ensure that the comments carry mature opinions.
  • Make use of the ‘like’ options for news that interested you.
  • The views and opinions expressed in the articles or posts do not reflect the opinion of Incrypts as a whole.
  • Moderation of comments would be quicker during our working hours.