Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Incrypts Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Belfrics Malaysia Sdn Bhd (https://www.belfrics.com, https://www.belfricsbt.com)  -,  operating in various countries across Asia-Pacific, Africa and South Asia.

We are aimed at aggregating news on cryptocurrency industry from January 2018 that are clipped and creative. We propose to earn money through advertising post June 2018. The company does not trade in the crypto market nor intend to invest in it. However, we do not curtail our employees from owning or investing in crypto market abiding by the disclosure requirement guidelines.

We are delighted to present reliability toned content that hits the cryptocurrency industry. We devote ourselves to fairness in reporting than sensationalism. As a check control to provide news with commendable standards, we adopt the editorial policy exposed below.

Language Flair

We bring forth the news information in flair language. The content developers adapt to the writing style that is drafted to maintain uniformity.

Tracking & Aggregating

We track news information on crypto industry from various sites, aggregate and deliver them in our platform. We do not take much of your time posting lengthy contents. We ensure that our news posts are precisely expressive with maximum use of sixty words.

We give credit to those sites from which the news information was tracked and reproduced.

Content Retrospection

The contents produced are checked out for quality in writing standard. The content developers pitch the write-ups adopting the rule book. They are reviewed further ensuring that the content inclines with the high standard.  This ensures that the contents scores out of grammar and spelling misplay.

Piracy Check

We, utmost, commit ourselves with anti-plagiarism measures.

We go by the policy ‘do not imitate but re-create’. Piracy is considered severe and infringement cannot be endured.

Use of words as quoted by any source is not reckoned to be plagiarism. Straight words from sources in any other case are considered to be plagiarized.

Acknowledging IPR

We have high regard over the Intellectual Property Rights of others like we value our mind creations. The pictures used for write-ups to support the story are given credentials. They are either extracted from open source or from any other source with license.

We take hold of the right to amend or alter the policies stated above at any time and in any manner.