Privacy Policy

What do we get to know about our users?

In the first place, the personal information of our user’s cuts across when they comment in articles published on our website. It reveals the user name and mail address of the user. Beyond that, the individual and other tracking information gets accumulated using cookies. Cookie, a technical data file created by a website that gets stored on the hard disk of the user. The information so gathered is used to analyze the traffic in our site and enhance better performance in future. Further, the information pulled will be expended to enhance user experience and improvisation of the write-ups based on the traffic.

We do not invade the privacy of our users. However, the contents of our website are addressed to the populace in general. Divulgement of personal information in any public posting is left at the adjudication of users.

Information Disclosure

We do not exchange our user’s personal information with any outsiders except from providing our services. The general information such as traffic for our site or number of users accessing our site for particular crypto news would be exposed.

We may amend, alter or include any other clause in this policy subject to our future business developments and improvement in our site.