Crypto Payment News

Binance and Litecoin Bring Crypto Payment for Shopping

Litecoin and Binance revealed their investment which predicted to allow crypto use than just an investment….

Binance News

Binance ends TRX competition

The TRX (TRON) Competition conducted by the Binance exchange has come to an end. It is…

Binance Investment news

Binance invests in Decentralized, Community-Owned, and Blockchain Friendly’ Bank

Binance has invested in the World’s First 'Decentralized, Community-owned, and Blockchain Friendly' bank. A start-up named…

Binance News

YouTuber’s hacked accounts receive MFT tokens; credited to Binance

A crypto-YouTuber, Ian Balinca's account has been reactivated and transferred the funds to Binance. The account…

Binance’s Charity UNIDO

UNIDO Goodwill Become Binance’s Charity Ambassador

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has been chosen to become the Binance's head of…

Binance Exchange News

Binance donates to Japanese flood victims

Binance donated $1 million in funds to the people in West Japan hit by flood and…

Binance Exchange News

Binance develops a fund to protect users

The Binance exchange has declared the development of ‘Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU).’ The exchange…

Crypto Market News

Binance completes system upgrade and resumes trading

Binance has resumed the trading services. The exchange claimed that the system upgrades delayed the resumption…

Crypto Trade News

Binance: Risk Warning Issued, Withdrawals and Trading Suspended

A risk warning has been issued by Binance that led to the suspension of withdrawals and…

BNB in Nexo’s Crypto-backed loans

BNB in Nexo’s Crypto-backed loans

Nexo, a fintech group supported by Credissimo, declared the acceptance of Binance Coin (BNB) as collateral…