bitcoin cash

Virtual Currency Exchange

SBI Virtual Currency Exchange is open for public

SBI Group has announced on the acceptance of new users to its digital currency platform launched…

Currency Conversion in Google

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to currency conversion information in Google

The Bitcoin Cash has declared the addition of BCH price conversion information in the Google through…

Dogecoin- Crypto Platform

Dogecoin in Robinhood crypto platform

The Robinhood trading company has listed Dogecoin (DOGE) on the crypto platform. There are about 115…

Crypto Payment News

Ethos and Payroc enables crypto payment

Payroc and are to develop a crypto merchant payment processing service. The Payroc payment gateway…

Bitcoin Cash- Patent News

Three Bitcoin Cash-related patents granted to nChain

The European Patent Office (EPO) has awarded nChain, a blockchain startup, with three bitcoin-cash related patents….

Crypto Trade in US

OKCoin launches fiat-to-crypto trade in the U.S.

The OKCoin crypto exchange has unveiled a branch in the U.S. market extending trade services between…

Bitcoin and Litecoin support News

Robinhood supports Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin

The Robinhood mobile trading application has added Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash to its platform. The trading…

Crypto Exchange News

HBUS launches US Crypto Exchange

The partner of the Singapore-headquartered Huobi, HBUS has opened a cryptocurrency exchange in the US that…

Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool News The World’s Largest Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool

According to the data collected from Coin.Dance, CoinGeek has successfully surpassed in terms of largest…

Bitcoin Cash News

Bitcoin Cash Added in ‘Bob Wallet’

Recently, a privacy-centric cryptocurrency wallet has added support to one of the major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash…