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The decision on Bitcoin Mining Ban delayed

The Missoula County Commission has postponed the hearing on the ‘one-year suspension of new mining initiatives.’…

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Solar Alliance wants to support bitcoin mining operations

Solar Alliance, a company dealing with solar and alternative energy projects, exposed the intention to begin…

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GMO Internet to present the first Bitcoin Mining Device

The GMO Internet is aiming to launch bitcoin mining device called B2 miner on 6th June….

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Bitcoin would consume 0.5% of the total electric power

Alex de Vries, an economist, and blockchain specialist who serves at PwD in the Netherlands exposed…

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Bitcoin Mining Equipment Makers seeks to Gain $1 Billion

According to a report by local press IFR, two local bitcoin mining equipment makers in Hong…

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Canaan Creative to schedule its IPO

Canaan Creative, a bitcoin mining company based in China, is to establish an initial public offering…

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Australian Blockchain Mining firm Successfully Closed $190 Million Deal

A technology firm based in Sydney, IoT Group has successfully closed a deal with an Australian…

Confiscated Mining Machines in China may relate to Iceland Case

Confiscated Mining Machines in China may relate to Iceland Case

The Icelandic police have directed the officials in China to inquire into the case of 600…

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600 mining computers seized

China Police seized 600 computers that were used for mining bitcoins. It is reported that eight…

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Bitcoin Mining Thief Escaped From Prison Has Been Caught In Amsterdam

According to the report, a bitcoin mining thief suspect who escaped from prison has been caught…