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No More Bitcoin Payments in Expedia

One of the biggest traveling websites stopped showing support towards cryptocurrency payment method. One of the Expedia users who is also a bitcoin owner has expressed his disappointment that Expedia no longer accepts bitcoin as a payment method. However, the reason behind the decision remains uncertain as there is no official statement released yet.

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Brisbane Airport Now Began to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Previously, an announcement has been made by the Brisbane Airport regarding its plan to allow the customers pay in cryptocurrencies. As the result of the successful collaboration between Brisbane Airport and TravelByBit, the plan has been made possible enabling customers to pay in cryptos for their trips and goods purchased from the duty-free airport.

A natural gas company takes bitcoin payments

A natural gas company takes bitcoin payments

Prazska Plynarenska, the natural gas company, has declared the acceptance of Bitcoin for payments. The users would be directed to a new payment window that suggests customers pay in cryptos. A director of the company mentioned that they will unveil a payment gateway in June which would convert the cryptos into normal currency.

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Jason Appleton: TV Series to take payments in Bitcoins

Jason Appleton, a YouTuber and investor, who is also known as the ‘Crypto Crow,’ has exposed the launch of television series financed in bitcoins. The programs are to be broadcast on CBS, CW, and Roku targeting to reach 47 million households. It is reported that “all the promotional sponsors, features and the like are paid by bitcoin.”

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Coincard Announced Support Bitcoin Through Lightning Network To Amazon

According to the report, now has enabled its user to purchase partially anything with the use of bitcoin payment via lighting network. However, recommended its users to open a direct channel to send funds via Lighting Network since the programme developed is still in beta stage of development.

Reddit Users Cannot Make Bitcoin Payments

Reddit Users Cannot Make Bitcoin Payments

The users of Reddit Gold can no more make in Bitcoins mentioning ‘upcoming Coinbase change.’ Reddit Gold lists only PayPal and credit card as the acceptable payment options. The existing user of the premium membership program stated that they did not make Bitcoin payments as it takes high transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency Used In Football First Time Ever In The World

Cryptocurrency Used In Football First Time Ever In the World

First time ever complete bitcoin transfer in football was made by Turkish Football club. The achievement hoping to increase their reputation internationally in among crypto community.

Security for crypto nodes move ahead in Arizona

House bill 2602 filed by Jeff Weninger passed the Arizona House of Representatives on Feb 20. The bill states the restrictions imposed on people who run these nodes at their house. The restrictions of the bill are not yet specified. Another bill passed recently would allow tax payments in bitcoin.

Rapper 50 Cent owns $9 million worth BTC

Rapper 50 Cent owns $9 million worth BTC

The Rapper 50 Cent’s receiving bitcoin for the ‘Animal Ambition’ album had caused ‘a multi-million dollar windfall.’ Curtis Jackson had accumulated 700 Bitcoins (BTC) since it began to accept cryptocurrencies. The payments were accepted through the BitPay platform which is estimated to be worth $7 million to $9 million.

Stripe strikes its support for Bitcoin

Stripe strikes its support for Bitcoin

Stripe strikes support for Bitcoin Stripe, the payment processor revealed that it would not take bitcoin payments in April. The Bitcoin transactions were enabled in its platform from 2015 using which merchants from more than 60 countries made their payments. A blog post highlighted that ‘Stripe would transition away from bitcoin over the next three months.’