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Massive 210 MB Block Causes Bitcoin SV To Break Into 3 Chains

Massive 210 MB Block Causes Bitcoin SV To Break Into 3 Chains

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) network saw a three-chain split after a large 210 megabytes (MB) block was mined. CEO of BSV powered payment MoneyButton Ryan X. Charles explained, “Our new instance will cost thousands of dollars per month to operate. As blocks continue to get larger and we have to upgrade the instance many times, this cost will balloon. Since we do not earn money from transaction fees like miners, it will be too expensive for us to run a node.”

Bitcoin SV Super Scalable Revealed In Operation Data Blast

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) which has recently upgraded to Quasar protocol raised the block cap to 2 gigabytes (GB) has conducted Operation Data Blast to upload large data to blockchain to test scalability. Dr. Roy Murphy, an organiser explained, “…Tickers of Bitcoin (XBT and BTC) by centrally governed entities whose objective is to command and hobble the Bitcoin protocol via the hostile takeover of protocol development.”

BSV Continue Upgrade Spree With Quasar protocol

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) network has announced that it has built a new protocol called Quasar with target of scaling the chain. Jimmy Nguyen, president of Bitcoin Association commented, “Miners need to be aware that massive scaling is critical for their profitability – especially after the next block reward halving in May 2020 which reduces the block reward subsidy from 12.5 to 6.25 coins, and then again in 2024 when the subsidy is reduced to 3.125 coins, and again every several years after.”

Windows XP That Runs On Bitcoin SV Blockchain

A version of Windows XP which operate completely on blockchain was developed on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain which proved to be most versatile and development-friendly blockchain . It was introduced to the public by and reportedly allows the users to use the interface, visitors can interact with File Explorer, WinAmp, Internet explorer and so on including playing a live game on Microsoft’s Minesweeper.

Android App & Home Page For BSV

After attaining an ecosystem stage on its own Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain has come up with a new app on the Google Play store, has developed an Android home page for the blockchain to spearhead its adoption. This will ease any novice to the platform they’ll have all the resources they need to learn about BSV, get a wallet, build their own apps and do some shopping.

Bitcoin SV blockchain Becomes Sweet to Ears With AudioB

One of the developer of AudioB (an audio file sharing platform) has tweeted that the platform has entered in blockchain using Bitcoin SV. This will now allow the audio content creators, to target their audience with more precision. The tweet also reveal that the next step will be artist profiles and collections, once another soon to come application from Money Button is complete.

Bitcoin SV Selected as Public Blockchain for Zweispace

A partnership has been established between Bitcoin SV (BSV) and a blockchain real estate company, Zweispace confirmed the news officially by publishing a press release. Zweispace has selected Bitcoin SV as its public blockchain. Zweispace then explained regarding the application that they’re currently working on, “By using these apps, realtors can evaluate the price of the property and list it on the real estate portal site.”

ShapeShift Delists Bitcoin SV, Kraken May Follow

The Binance has announced that it will de-list bitcoin SV, from April 22, Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift (an anonymous exchange) said that his exchange had also decided to delist Bitcoin SV. This move propelled Kraken to conduct a Twitter poll, whether they should join the delisting move. Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek said, “The decision to delist bitcoin SV seems to be based on the fact that they don’t like one scientist that works on the platform.”

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Hackathon During May 4-5 At Toronto

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Hackathon During May 4-5 At Toronto

First ever Bitcoin SV (BSV) Hackathon will take place on May 4-5 anyone around the globe can participate in the event happening in Toronto, Canada. It will act as a lead-up to popular cryptocurrency event, the CoinGeek Conference, taking place in Toronto for a two-day happening at The Carlu, a historic event space, on May 29-30.

Cryptartica To Support Bitcoin SV

Cryptartica To Support Bitcoin SV

A UK-based design platform, Cryptartica which allows its users pay for its customized designer products in cryptocurrency has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a form of payment. In Its blogpost Cryptartica explains, “As many of you know, we already accepted Bitcoin Cash, but with the split back in November & our community divided in half, we had to take some time to decide our heading”