Virtual Currency Exchange

SBI Virtual Currency Exchange is open for public

SBI Group has announced on the acceptance of new users to its digital currency platform launched…

Bitcoin Bust in Brazil

Individuals Laundered Millions of Bitcoin Bust in Brazil

12 Individuals who allegedly involved in bitcoin money laundering case and drug smuggling activities in Europe,…

Crypto Payment News

Ethos and Payroc enables crypto payment

Payroc and are to develop a crypto merchant payment processing service. The Payroc payment gateway…

Bitcoin Growing News

Bitcoin Ownership in Canada Growing

A two-year long study conducted by the Bank of Canada revealed a significant growth to the…

Bitcoin Cash- Patent News

Three Bitcoin Cash-related patents granted to nChain

The European Patent Office (EPO) has awarded nChain, a blockchain startup, with three bitcoin-cash related patents….

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm on 11th September

The Smile-Expo has scheduled the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm on 11th September. The sessions…

Crypto Trade in US

OKCoin launches fiat-to-crypto trade in the U.S.

The OKCoin crypto exchange has unveiled a branch in the U.S. market extending trade services between…

Crypto News in Africa

Purple Group Expands Crypto Offering in Africa

Purple Group has recently announced that they have added Bitcoin and Ethereum to its trading platform….

Bitcoin- VISA and MasterCard

Abra: Bitcoins purchase through VISA and MasterCard

Abra has enabled the use of MasterCard and Visa for purchasing bitcoins on its platform, Abra…

Bitcoin News

Kidnapping case demanding bitcoin spreads

Liyaqat Parker was kidnapped by five armed men and demanded bitcoin as the ransom in South…