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Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic To Head Blockchain Partnership

For the next one-year Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic will be jointly spearheading the Blockchain Partnership in European. A legal advisor Marco Bellezza commented, “…on the impulse of the Minister Luigi Di Maio, with a view to giving Italy a leadership role in the European projects on Blockchain. This is a unique opportunity to further promote the knowledge and use of this technology for the benefit of citizens and businesses by strengthening cooperation within the EU.”

Security Audit Certification Unveiled by Blockchain Association

A new security audit certification for blockchain operators has been launched by the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association. The launching was made in partnership with a technology consultant and developer SmartDec (a blockchain security research firm). The certification reportedly designed to perform security checks and test various blockchain-powered business and smart contracts.

The formation of Washington-based Blockchain Association

The formation of Washington-based Blockchain Association

Major crypto companies and blockchain entities have come together for the establishment of Blockchain Association based in Washington. The founding members include Coinbase, Circle, and Polychain Capital.  The association stated, “The Blockchain Association will be a liaison to policymakers: we’ll advocate for our community and the opportunities presented by our technologies, and encourage regulatory solutions that protect consumers and support innovation.”

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Nigerian Blockchain Association Organizes Stakeholders Meeting

An event that will gather numbers of stakeholders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs will be organized by the Nigerian Blockchain Association. The aim of the event is to discuss the move that should be taken in boosting the industry. In April, the Nigerian Lawmaker urges the need to regulate the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for the sake of the public.