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Blockchain Live 2019 25 September at London

Blockchain Live 2019: 25 September at London

The Blockchain Live will take place at London Olympia on 25th September, it aims to be a festival of education, has invited a number of key speakers from the industry and planned a VIP Investor 1-2-1 meeting programme. James Samuel, Portfolio Director for the event commented, “At the heart of our offering is to push blockchain technology to the mainstream and towards mass adoption. Not only are we providing extremely varied but relevant free to access content across the event.”

Futurist Conference Held At Toronto

Futurist Conference Held At Toronto

A blockchain event, Futurist Conference has been held at Toronto, Canada on this August which hosted a discussion on startups, brands, bitcoin, etc., with some of the industry’s greatest minds. Michael Luckhoo, VP of DigitalBits spoke on brands, “Consumers work hard for these points, they pay for them with their buying behavior, their time, their loyalty. Siloed programs don’t allow for easy value transfer, which means a lot of the time consumers have points that they can’t spend towards the things that they want…”

The Blockchain Life 2019 Moscow On 16 & 17 October

The Blockchain Life 2019: Moscow On 16 & 17 October

The 4th edition of the ‘Blockchain Life 2019’ will be held at Moscow on coming 16 & 17th of October, the event will see the participation of 6000 people from 70 countries and will witness novel discussion on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, startups, and mining. The event will also distribute its independent award under the banner of Blockchain Life Awards 2019. The forum will have a ‘StartUp Pitch’ competition.

Blockchain Event At Shanghai on 16 September

Blockchain Event At Shanghai on 16 September

A blockchain event called “BUIDL for the Future” will be held at the Shanghai Tower on September 16th in downtown Shanghai, China which will be hosted by ArcBlock (a blockchain platform). The event aims to bring together the developers & investors community of blockchain. Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock said, “Our partners and ecosystem are diverse and understand where the future of blockchain is headed. It is no longer about building a chain, it’s about putting the blockchain to work…”

Gavin Wood to Make His Stage Debut In Korea

Gavin Wood to Make His Stage Debut In Korea

The co-founder of Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood reportedly to make its first stage appearance at the ‘Korea Blockchain Week’ (KBW 2019) on this 27th September, the event is organized by the FactBlock, a global blockchain project-specializing accelerator. Gavin Wood will become one of the speakers during the event to share his knowledge in blockchain space and this event will mark his first official visit to Korea.

Vienna: Blockchain Forum, 22nd October

A one-day blockchain event will be held in Vienna on this coming 22nd October 2019, called the Blockchain Finance Forum. The forum will be discussing the potential of blockchain technology in the various sector especially in the banking and finance sector and aims to gather approximately 300 attendees from all over the world and have invited 20 international speakers to share their thoughts regarding the emerging industry.

Singapore: Global Finblockchain Forum & Tepleton, September 2019

A blockchain-related event will be held at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore on this coming September 2nd 2019 named The Global Finblockchain Forum & Tepleton. The event is inviting numerous important key players in the industry to share their thoughts on blockchain finance and allows enthusiasts from all over the world to gather under the same roof for networking purposes.

Korea Blockchain Festival 2019

The Korea Blockchain Festival will be held in the first week of September, starting from 2nd to 7th September 2019. The event will be featuring numbers of major events and activities suitable for the industry enthusiasts, start-up and investors organized by numerous a major organization and government bodies such as the Singapore Ministry of Education, Busan Metropolitan Government are among other major hosts for the event.

CGC Kyiv 2019, Blockchain Gaming Conference

A blockchain event will be held in Ukraine called the CGC blockchain gaming conference on this coming 10th-11th October, which claims to be largest conference dedicated to blockchain gaming. The head of Global BD, Masaru “Nogi” Ohnogi explained, “CGC is the only conference purely focused on blockchain gaming, where we can meet and deeply discuss technologies with people who are enthusiastic and passionate about it.”

Blockchain Conference In Bangalore, RACE360

The REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) in association with the Times of India will be organizing a conference on career in emerging technologies like blockchain, cybersecurity or artificial intelligence called RACE360 which will take place in Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru on coming August 28. The event will feature major speakers from the industry, apart from the knowledge sessions, there will be workshops, hackathons and panel discussions.