Blockchain Development

DevCon 2 Competition By At San Francisco

DevCon 2 Competition By At San Francisco has made announcement for it next development competition with a total prize amount worth of $100,000. The main task given is to strengthen Bytom’s development capability and enhance sustainable open-source ecosystems. The code must be open-source and the team members must not be more than 5 people. San Francisco will host the final round of the competition.

Brazil Professor Shared Blockchain Development in Universities

A professor in a local Brazilian university, Professor Dr Guido Lemos shared,“With this facility in terms of research, virtually all the major study groups in the country on technology are already carrying out research involving blockchain, thus increasing the number of Brazilians present in this global surge towards blockchain.” Due to the case of false diplomas in Brazil, the debate regarding the potential of blockchain technology in solving the issue is circulating.

Digital Assets Conference Takes Place at NY Blockchain Week Hosted By Bytom

In event hosted by Bytom called Programmable Economy and Digital Assets Conference at New York Blockchain Week it has launched that 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition. This dev competition aims at finding more technology talents, strengthening Bytom’s development capability as well as enhancing Bytom’s sustainable open-source ecosystem. Six winning projects will share a prize pool of 65,000 USD equivalent BTM tokens.

Blockchain Technology Market News

Tradeshift aims at Blockchain development raising funds

Tradeshift made $400 million in total from the Series E funding round including Goldman Sachs $250 million. The company aimed at pushing blockchain development to benefit the supply chain industry. The CEO and co-founder of the company stated, “The investment will enable us to continue our rapid growth and consolidate our leadership position.”

Lightning Network in Blockstream

Lightning Network in Blockstream

The Blockstream, a bitcoin startup had introduced a micropayment processing system. It would make it easier to construct bitcoin apps above the Lightning Network. This technique does not affect or alter the underlying bitcoin code but adds up another layer. With the efficient functioning of the same, the blockchain transactions would be made more quickly at cheap rates.

Finnish Prasos raises €2.5 million for development

The Prasos, a startup, Finland bitcoin and Blockchain technology raised €2.5 million for development of its cryptocurrency investment services for the benefit of traditional investors. It will also expand its existence in Europe and establish listing on Nasdaq First North marketplace.


Blockchain Guild: Awards 0.5 BTC to Kalle Alm

The community set up for Blockchain development, Blockchain Guild, has made its maiden award. The awarding of 0.5 Bitcoin to Kalle Alm, a bitcoin prime member will be used to work on a Bitcoin Script Debugger. The supporters for the award were Christopher Allen, Jimmy Song, Tuur Demeester, Charlie Lee and Zcash.