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MasterCard to Hire Crypto Experts for its Blockchain Project

MasterCard to Hire Crypto Experts for its Blockchain Project

The MasterCard has reportedly to hire the cryptocurrency experts for its blockchain project. This indicates that the largest payment firms in the world are set to indulge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Although the company has yet to share the project they’re working on specifically, it is assumed that they’re working in a blockchain-powered payment platform.

DeFi Blockchain Project Findora Welcomes Balaji Srinivasan As Adviser

DeFi Blockchain Project Findora Welcomes Balaji Srinivasan As Adviser

Former CTO Balaji Srinivasan has joined the decentralized finance blockchain project Findora as a strategic adviser, along with Professor Dan Boneh of Stanford University. Findora CEO Charles Lu commented, “These renowned industry experts have unrivaled knowledge in fintech, digital infrastructure, blockchain, cryptography, and beyond, putting them at the forefront of their respective fields.”

Dispatch Labs blockchain Acquired by Perlin

Dispatch Labs blockchain development project has been reportedly acquired by Perlin for an undisclosed amount. The announcement was made by a spokesperson for Singapore-headquartered blockchain firm in Perlin that it has successfully purchased a blockchain start-up named Dispatch Lab and confirmed that Zane Witherspoon soon now be heading Perlin’s latest development activities.

Blockchain Project to Analyze Platform to Settle Clients Trades

A global liquidity aggregation and exchange platform, OTCXN has shared their current project that is analysing a platform which allows the custodians to settle clients trades. The CEO of OTCXN, Rosario Ingargiola explained, “Our model can support cross-custodian settlement because we have a custodial blockchain ledger. We can facilitate transactions custodian to custodian where essentially tokens are re-allocated on the respective custodian ledger.”

New Transaction Fee System From ICON

A New transaction fee system has been introduced by one of the largest blockchain projects in South Korea, ICON. The Council Member of the ICON Foundation, Min Kim explained, “ICON is a DAapp-friendly blockchain, providing a wide range of support in order to help developers create convenient and innovative DAapps in an optimal environment.”

Cailu Raises $10 Mn for Blockchain Development Project

A blockchain firm headquartered in China, Cailu has successfully raised $10 million USD in a series A round funding which was led by GCBI Ventures. The Co-founder of Orka Capital, Zheng Jian Wei commented, “With the increasing proliferation and interest from both major institutions and the public in Blockchain technology, Cailu would be a great avenue to create awareness and dialogue between the two.”

Golem Foundation Launched by Blockchain Project Golem (GNT)

An announcement shared by the Distributed ledger technology (DLT) project Golem (GNT) regarding the launching of Golem Foundation. Golem Network is reported to be a DLT project which enables the users to monetize their idle CPU and GPU power. The CEO of Golem FACTORY, Julian Zawistowski has explained that the project could potentially increase the value of the entire project.

Google Teams-up with Chainlink for Blockchain Project

A collaboration has been established between Google and a smart contract project start-up, Chainlink as its blockchain partner. Apart from that, an official blog post was posted on 13th June 2019 by Google to confirm their intention to adopt the Oracle smart contract by Chainlink to place the BigQuery data that is the solution for business intelligence and many more on the blockchain.

National Archives Reports Successfully Trials Audio-Visual Blockchain Content Project

A blockchain project, ARCHANGEL developed bye U.K. National Archives, the University of Surrey and the U.K. Open Data Institute with EPSRC funding, to safeguard the integrity and accessibility of digital government records of national archives worldwide will soon present the results of a successful trial deployment in the United Kingdom, Estonia, and Norway.

TODAQ Teams Up With Hdac Technology For Blockchain Projects

Blockchain startup founded By Hyundai, Hdac Technology and TODAQ (a global fintech firm which operates its TODA Protocol in Asia, Middle East and Europe) have entered into partnership to develop blockchain projects for mutual benefits. TODAQ CEO & co-founder BuYoung Yun said, “We expect this agreement Hdac will bring both companies greater competitiveness in the development of decentralized business solutions and global expansion,”