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Blockchain Solution to comply with GDPR

ULedger has come up with a blockchain solution easing the companies to comply with GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation). The company is to extend the service ‘free of charge’ with an aim to increase blockchain adoption.  The CEO of the company emphasized that the GDPR tool ‘delivers huge benefits such as security and transparency of data.’

Blockchain Technology Market News

Blockchain solutions to alter humanitarian aid

IBM and Global Citizen are associating on “Challenge Accepted” which is aimed at improving the living standards of impoverished people. Developers would be permitted to embrace IBM’s Blockchain Platform Starter Plan to reform the donation process. The co-founder of Global Citizen coined that the technology has the potential to alter the face of humanitarian aid.

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South Korean Startups trails Blockchain in Medical Sector

The South Korean startups are working towards the application of blockchain solutions to the medical sector. XBLOCK SYSTEMS is one such company which is aimed at extending a ‘medical proof application service.’ The medical records and documents are to be held on a blockchain. It is reported that such initiatives and projects would benefit both the customers and healthcare experts.

Blockchain Technology Market News

Netherlands: Blockchain in Waste Management

The authorities of the Netherlands infrastructure ministry are to experiment by embracing blockchain technology to automate the processes of managing wastes. It is reported that nearly hundreds and thousands of waste-carrying trucks are manually inspected. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) also eyes on mobile applications alongside blockchain solutions for automation.

Blockchain Technology Market News

Declaration of Blockchain Challenge Winners

The Smart Dubai Office (SDO) has declared the victors of global Blockchain Challenge. There were seventeen finalists. Ireland based AID Tech, the UAE based Smart Crowd, and the USA based Codex topped the list with remarkable blockchain solutions. It is reported that two hundred applications were received from 85 cities across 44 countries.