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Blockchain Development Platform China

Xunlei aims at empowering Blockchain Ecosystem

A file-sharing company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Xunlei has unveiled two products to empower blockchain-powered ecosystem….

Blockchain Development Solution Astralia

Blockchain in Australian Health Department

The Australian Department of Health is analyzing the potential of using Blockchain technology in the industry….

Blockchain Technology Software Platform

The launch of Blockchain-based Securities Lending Platform

The Floor has declared the launch of a new platform called Blockchain Securities Lending in association…

Blockchain Technology Market Brazil

Teresina: Public Transport Infrastructure integrates Blockchain

Teresina, a Brazilian city, is to encourage a blockchain project called “Mobility Observatory: blockchain for the…

Blockchain Technology New York

New York City to have a Blockchain Center

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYEDC) will be launching a Blockchain Center to focus…

Blockchain Technology Market

Companies working to store healthcare data in Blockchain

Nebula Genomics and Longenesis are the entities known for integrating blockchain and AI for healthcare. The…

Blockchain Technology Market France

Central Bank Official Recommends Blockchain to Stay Away from Finance

The counselor to the People’s Bank of China, Sheng Songcheng stated that the blockchain technology should…

Blockchain Technology Market Singapore

Blockchain-based Rewards Program for Flyers Launches by Cathay Pacific

A Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific has integrated blockchain technology. Cathay Pacific joined those airlines company…

Blockchain Technology New York

New York Vision to Become Blockchain Technology Hub

Nowadays, numerous countries shared their vision of becoming the blockchain technology hub as the adoption of…

Blockchain Technology Market Trade HSBC

HSBC completes blockchain based trade finance transaction

HSBC Holdings and the Dutch Bank ING have accomplished the transaction for food and agricultural group…