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Circle Financial comes up with rules to list assets

Circle Financial comes up with rules to list assets

The Circle Financial has published a framework for the cryptocurrencies and digital assets to comply with…

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US Congress Demanded to Reveal Crypto Assets

The House Ethics Committee has issued a memorandum that demanded the lawmakers, officers, and employees in…

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Crypto Assets impact on the global financial stability

A report was released by the Central Bank of Russia declared that the crypto assets do…

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Korean Supreme Court Categories Cryptos as an asset

Korea’s Supreme Court has categorized cryptocurrencies as the “asset with measurable value.” The court has ordered…

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Fintech Company Plans to Launch Crypto Exchange Soon

One of the well-known personal budgeting apps, Money Forward Inc. has revealed its plan to launch…

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JP Morgan gets Crypto-Assets Strategy Head

JP Morgan Chase has planned to recruit Oliver Harris, the fintech and cryptocurrency professional, as the…

Rare Bits to expand Crypto Collectibles

Rare Bits to expand Crypto Collectibles

Rare Bits, a startup company, has received $6 million through its Series A funding campaign. The…

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Bithumb exchange releases audit report

The Bithumb crypto exchange has released its audit report. The report revealed that the company possesses…

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Al Kasir Group proposes diamond-backed Crypto Asset

Al Kasir Group has introduced three diamond-backed crypto assets. Amit Lakhanpal, the director of Al Kasir…

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BlockFi issues Loans accepting Cryptos as Collateral

BlockFi has announced that the customers can lend and borrow funds by placing cryptocurrencies as collateral….