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OBC.L Unveils Referral Bonus Programme

OBC.L Unveils Referral Bonus Programme

A leading blockchain company headquartered in the UK, Online Blockchain plc (OBC.L) has shared that they have launched a referral bonus programme for a cryptocurrency gaming project. The CEO of OBC.L, Clem Chambers then explained, “The launch of the referral programme will further propagate the FreeLoadr product amongst the gaming community, which ultimately has a significant impact on our hashing power. This is one of a number of developments and new features, which will be announced in due course.”

BLOCKLORDS floats on NEO Blockchain

A award winning strategy blockchain game which is set in medieval Europe where players can create heroes, conquer cities etc., BLOCKLORDS has declared that it’s launched on NEO blockchain network which is currently running on TRON (TRX) . NEO then explained, “We now invite our dedicated followers to experience the first strategy game on the NEO blockchain and look forward to building the future of blockchain games together.”

Crypto gaming Expanding in Australia

The Bitcoin Aussie online casino rush started spreading like fire across Australia, these casinos are some of the most popular casinos available online, with hundreds of players resorting to playing with them in order to avoid high transaction fees, being tracked through their transactions and to enjoy all of the other benefits of cryptocurrencies and thus the growth of the online casino industry.

Kronoverse game Gets Investment From Founder Of CoinGeek and Ayre Group

A game developer and firm behind blockchain 3D fighting game, CryptoFights has announced it has secured investment from Calvin Ayre (an entrepreneur and gaming enthusiast). Calvin Ayre commented: “I love online games and I love Bitcoin, so it’s great that Kronoverse combines them both. I’m impressed that its team quickly recognized what the original Bitcoin, now back as Bitcoin SV, can do with massive scaling. I’m betting that Kronoverse makes a big impact, and I encourage other online game companies to also build on Bitcoin SV.”

Belarus To Host Crypto Games Conference (CGC), April 25-26

The Crypto Games Conference (CGC) 2019, believed to be one of the biggest blockchain gaming event in the globe will be held at Minsk, Belarus. The event is organised friend of Dragon (blockchain focused on entertainment industry) Co-founder named Eugene Lavrinenko. The conferences has three cutting-edge gaming themes of today: crypto games, iGaming and gaming ecosystems and services

Game of Tron By Evolution Gaming

Game of Tron By Evolution Gaming

Any one having 1xBit account can participate at Evolution Gaming starting with March 15, 2019, until April 14, 2019. one winning lottery ticket per day and there are no restrictions regarding the number of bets. A number of 300 000 TRX are held in the total prize pool. Like the Game of thrones world, world of betting is dark and full of terrors.

Blockchain Gaming Offered By Satoshi Games

Blockchain Gaming Offered By Satoshi Games

Satoshi’s Games will be hosted on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and its a collaborative game modeled after The Reddit Place. Last year saw the crypto gaming industry hit new highs as it generated over $130 billion in revenue which is 13% more than in 2017. There are hundreds of games in development that have got crypto involved in them.

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Pineapple Arcade Allow You To Play Crypto Games For Free

A collaboration made between Pineapple Arcade and Pineapple Fund will be providing the arcade games, puzzle, and many more for users to play for free. The game will be giving away cryptocurrency rewards including rewards for charity purposes and you don’t have to be a crypto owner to play as it is completely free of charge!