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Predicoin, a new platform to track crypto market sentiment

Predicoin gives crypto investors a one-stop social media update. They are building a cryptocurrency data analytics platform that aims to aggregate information, analyze the data and derive trends in price and sentiment. They’re working on solutions to help investors track cryptocurrency content and quickly extract insight. Pierre Alexandre Picard, Cofounder explained, “we want to leverage the abundance of data in the crypto market to track and, one-day, be able to anticipate market changes.”

OKCoin to Penetrate More into the U.S Crypto Market

A cryptocurrency exchange based in the U.S, OKCoin have shared their plan to penetrate deep into cryptocurrency market in the country. The recent addition in OKCoin has officially made the cryptocurrency exchange to be available in the total of 24 U.S states and our compliance with the state and the federal laws in order to run their operation in the area.

Regulated Crypto Market Dark Pool Introduced by Omega One

Regulated Crypto Market Dark Pool Introduced by Omega One

The first regulated dark pool for the digital asset has been launched by Omega one called the Omega Dark. It was the first company to receive a digital asset exchange license by the Bermuda government. The CEO of Omega One, Alex Gordon-Brander explained, “We believe our platform brings dark pools into the light by leveraging the blockchain to prevent unfair activity and market manipulation.”

Crypto Market Predicted to Surge in 2019

Crypto Market Predicted to Surge in 2019

It has been concluded that 2018 was not the best year for both cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology industry. However, a well-known Bitcoin evangelist, Charlie Shrem have expressed his optimism that the industry will surge in the new year and have a lot to offers for bitcoin and the other crypto in a recent interview in a program.

Bitstamp partners with Irisium for market monitoring

Bitstamp partners with Irisium for market monitoring

The Bitstamp has associated with Irisium Ltd aimed at the integration of Irisium’s monitoring platform on the trading platform which would bring effectiveness to the tracking of transactions. The CEO of Irisium, Alastair Goodwin stated, “Integrating Irisium’s innovative technology into Bitstamp’s platform will support compliant and effective operations” improving the market liquidity and integrity.

Crypto market cap would reach $80 Trillion

Crypto market cap would reach $80 Trillion in 15 years

According to Tim Draper, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is expected to attain $80 trillion in the following 15 years. The venture capital investor believes that the familiarity of the technology would help transform the businesses. Draper quoted, “The internet started in the same way, it came in big waves,” and added that the same would occur concerning Bitcoin.

Guidelines- Crypto Market Growth

Guidelines to steer crypto market growth

The Chamber of Digital Commerce Token Alliance has unveiled a report titled “Understanding Digital Tokens: Market Overviews & Guidelines for Policymakers & Practitioners.” The report came up with guidelines for the effective growth of the crypto sector. It had three sections covering the ‘regulatory overview, principles and economic coverage of the global token landscape.’

Crypto Organization News

Crypto Organization Established in South Korea

South Korea’s FSC has been reshuffled and the cryptocurrency organization has been established in the country to protect the financial consumers in a better way. The bureau will be in charge of observing the cryptocurrencies development in terms of its policy, and other financial technology. The reshuffling of South Korea’s financial watchdog is expected to bring steadiness in the crypto sector.

HSBC Shows Interest in Crypto

HSBC Shows Interest in Crypto

HSBC is observing the potential of cryptocurrency market. The bank has planned to join Standard Chartered and the other 21 banks for a blockchain-powered trade finance platform. The Global Head of Digital at HSBC, Josh Bottomley stated in an interview said, “We are cautious looking into this area.” The bank is already familiar with blockchain since it has experimented during May.

Bulgarian- Crypto Market

Bulgarian FSC to observe crypto market

The Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) would be governing and observing the crypto market operation and ICOs launched in the country. It is aimed to curtail money laundering and finance terrorism activities and secure the interest of the investors. The regulatory body would be focusing on license and regulatory framework, development of innovation hubs and cyber-security risk management.