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Binance Buys JEX Crypto Platform

Binance Buys JEX Crypto Platform

Binance has announced the acquisition of JEX, a Seychelles-based crypto-asset trading platform, as the exchange vision to penetrate deep into the derivatives market. Binance co-founder Yi He commented, “We hold an open mind and welcome more partners to join the Binance ecosystem. We look forward to delivering more innovative derivative products in the future as Binance JEX.”

Coinberry Receives Funding from Government

A cryptocurrency trading platform based in Canada, Coinberry has recently shared that it has received the government funding for its cybersecurity project. The CTO of Coinberry, Diogo Biazus explained, “Security is not a feature that you build into your product and cross of a list. Security is a mindset and a set of protocols. It’s something Coinberry’s team does every day and is always improving.”

Integrated Trading and Custody Platform Catapulted By Smart Valor

Smart Valor, a cryptocurrency exchange located in Switzerland has launched first integrated trading and custodial platform in the country. Its CEO Olga Feldmeier proudly said, “After 18 months of development, we are excited to go live with a core element of the SMART VALOR Platform — the exchange. This brings us a huge step forward to our vision of becoming the world’s first security token exchange for alternative investments.”

Phone House Joins Hands with UTRUST For Crypto Platform

The Phone House (an European telecom service provider) has partnered with with UTRUST (a digital currency payment provider) which has announced that it is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets for customer’s payments. General Director of Phone House Pedro Brehm said, “We are excited to announce our partnership with UTRUST, making payment through cryptocurrency possible for our Phone House customers.”

OSL Becomes Initial Settlement Agent For

A cryptocurrency payments platform, has shared in an announcement regarding the launching of its first settlement agent, OS Limited (OSL) in collaboration with Paxos and TrustToken. The CEO of, Kris Marszalek explained, “Settlement agents and stable coin partners will play a critical role in the Chain, as they will help to ensure sufficient liquidity, manage settlement risk and provide price stability for merchants.”

Shape Shift’s New Multi Blockchain Crypto Platform

Shape Shift (a cryptoexchange headquartered in Switzerland) has launched its new non-custodial crypto platform operating across multiple block chains, the firm announced in a press release. Shape Shift CEO Voorhees explained, “Non-custodial means that a user doesn’t have to trust someone else with their funds. It means they stay in control of their private keys, and thus they are fully in control of their crypto. Usually, people sacrifice user experience or functionality in order to achieve control of their keys,”

Kryll Smart Crypto Trading Platform

Kryll a smart trading platform has been launched which will enable existing strategies to be executed with ease and users can easily choose the exchange they wish to use for buying or selling cryptocurrency, their desired trading pair and the amount they wish to transact. Although no subscription is required, the platform enables traders to further enhance the speeds of back-testing, boost their number of trading spots.

Firmo Blockchain Start-up Purchased by eToro

The eToro cryptocurrency platform made public in a press release that it has successfully acquired a Denmark based blockchain start-up called Firmo. As one of the founders and the chief executive of eToro, Yoni Assia has expressed that he is positive with the potential of blockchain technology and tokenization will play an important role in the financial industry.

John McAfee Launches New Trading Platform

John McAfee announced the launch of his new cryptocurrency trading platform called McAfee Magic. The project called McAfee Magic is really an access point that combines manual and bot trading across a slew of exchanges in one interface. The site gave me access to the McAfee Magic dashboard, which allows access the trade portal, shadow portal, wallet, & interface settings. McAfee Magic also gives traders the ability to execute shadow trades.

Beaxy Ignores Hack, boldly Launches Crypto Trading Platform

Beaxy has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency trading platform which is now live in 43 United States states and 185 countries. Its CEO Artak Hamazaspyan tweeted, “This was not the first attack on Beaxy, it will not be the last. For example, we were also attacked the day we opened beta. I couldn’t be happier with the product this incredible team has built. Through prioritizing user experience, security, regulatory guidance and seamless functionality…”