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Seoul Citizens To Receive Crypto Rewards

Seoul Citizens To Receive Crypto Rewards

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to launch the first blockchain-powered administrative services in November. The city also will be creating a cryptocurrency for citizen rewards purposes named S-coins and allow them to redeem the points for rewards and will be integrated with a city-government sponsored QR-code-enabled network, ZeroPay which allows customers to pay for goods and services using their phones.

Twitter Users Can Earn BAT For their Content

Brave, a blockchain-powered decentralized internet browser is launching a token tipping service for Twitter users for their content can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). The announcement regarding the token tipping service was made by Brave where they highlighted that they will allow users to specify the amount they intended to tip to a given Twitter account and the recipient will be receiving their tip directly in BAT.

Bitcoin Reward Lolli App Partners Safeway For Expansion

Lolli (an online shopping app which offers 3-5% return in Bitcoin) has announced its partner with Albertson’s subsidiary Safeway as it expands into 900 retail locations. CEO of Lolli Alex Adelman said, “We saw a demand from users to earn bitcoin for every day expenses like food and pharmacy. So we know the merchants and understand the business model well.”

Crypto payment PUBG Introduced by Refereum

Blockchain-Based rewards and marketing company Refereum based in the United States has established partnership with PUBG (game developed By South Korea based Tencet) to introduced crypto rewards. The CEO of Referum, Dylan Jones explained, “Gamers do so much free marketing for games through streaming services and social media, but they’re rarely compensated sufficiently for it.”

Taringa! Offers Stablecoin Rewards To Its Users

Taringa! (a social media giant for South America) has partnered with MakerDAO, Airtm (a e-wallet provider) to glide its stablecoin-powered points system for its 27 million strong user base. The pilot program called ‘Taringa! Pioneers’ which will be a rewarding system for its users who gets points for creating popular platform content, which can then be monetized by being converted into MakerDAO’s Ethereum blockchain-based stablecoin DAI.

Regional Restrictions for Brave Ads

Brave browser services launched, but as it turns out, there is a caveat: they’re currently only available in five countries: the US, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK, with more geographies to be available soon. Users of Brave’s desktop browsers, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, can now opt into Brave Rewards to view Brave Ads and receive 70% of the ad revenue as a reward in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Downloading Games & Apps In Aptoide Help You To Win Crypto Rewards

A blockchain-based, Aptoide (powered by AppCoins protocol) which aims to replace Google’s Play Store is now now giving a chance to its users to earn cryptocurrency. Now its users will be receiving APPC Credits and it can be utilized online transactions, including in-app purchases (IAP). Sonia Sarha, Community Manager at Aptoide said, “As fellow Aptoiders, who strive to be on top of the gaming charts, we know how important purchasing a special item can be – it can truly skyrocket you to the top of the leaderboard,”

Users Rewarded in BAT For Viewing Ads on Brave Browser

Users Rewarded in BAT For Viewing Ads on Brave Browser

Now users can earn in Basic Attention Token (BAT) by seeing ads in beta version of cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser. Only users who opt-in to see the ads are going to see them and be rewarded for it, hence user engagement with ads are high. The browser was launched with features built-in adblocker & blocks trackers by default.

Philippines’ McDonald Allies With LoyalCoin For Crypto Reward

Philippines’ McDonald Allies With LoyalCoin For Crypto Reward

LoyalCoin (a blockchain-based customer loyalty rewards program) and McDonald in Philippines have joined hands to provide cryptocurrency-based rewards program for customers. When user buys any goods or services on the platform they get crypto reward, the Loyalcoin can also be brought directly from Cryptopia and NemChange.