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YOUNIQX Identity Comes Up Crypto Hardware Wallet

A subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House (which now provides the country with passports), YOUNIQX Identity has launched a cryptocurrency storage device. The device is named as Chainlock which is built to address the vulnerability of of hot or online wallets to hacking, it offers 100-percent offline wallet offers private key generation in a (patent applied for) high-security enclave keys cannot be viewed by any outside party.

BitGo & Civic Come Together For Anonymous Crypto Wallet

BitGo (a blockchain security startup) and Civic (a blockchain based identity platform) have entered into partnership with aim to to build a crypto wallet that maintains anonymity while offering a back-up solution. CTO of BitGo Ben Chan said, “decentralized identification verification system allows users to opt in to sharing their underlying data with people they choose,”

Daimler Building Crypto Hardware Device for Cars

The parent company of Mercedes Benz, Daimler is working with Riddle & Code, a blockchain firm, to create a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that works with cars. Ben Schwarz, head of communications at Riddle & Code commented, “Our short-term aim with this project is to build a DLT-based backend that can make car rental and fleet management more efficient. However, once vehicles become autonomous parties to a blockchain transactions, the marketplace is boundless.”

Samourai Wallet Questions Wasabi wallet’s Privacy Issues

Samourai Wallet has bombarded Wasabi wallet which is implemented by its competitor CoinJoin over the alleged lack of privacy. In its Telegram message, “With Wasabi if you are mixing 10 BTC, I can trivially track that 10 BTC as it is peeled down into smaller UTXOS (unspent funds). Additionally Wasabi outputs are in the order in which they are registered, allowing you to make educated guesses that cluster outputs that you can later cross reference when inputs are inevitably merged to make a spend.”

Hackers Sleeping Inside MyDashWallet For 2 Months

A DASH supporting crypto wallet, MyDashWallet admitted that it has been compromised for the past two months. Its marketing manager Michael Seitz clarified, “The hacker was able to obtain private keys used between May 13th and July 12th. Out of an abundance of caution, anyone using in that timeframe should assume their private keys are known by the hacker and should immediately move any balances out of that wallet.”

Opera launches iOS browser With Crypto Support

The Opera Touch browser for iOS has introduced crypto wallet integration and Web 3 support on the Ethereum blockchain. Its head of crypto, Charles Hamel explained, “We believe that all modern browsers should integrate a crypto wallet. This will enable new business models to emerge on the web. Opera is the first browser to make using crypto on the Web seamless and easy. Following a strong demand from the crypto-community, we are now making this experience available on iOS.

Crypto Wallet Offers 1,000 EOS Accounts for Free

Lumi Wallet revealed that more than 900 ERC-20 tokens are now supported making it easier for users to swap between a range of crypto assets whenever they please.To benefit from the giveaway, all users need to do is download the Lumi Wallet app and set up an EOS account for free, the team says. Lumi Collect has been continuing to add immediate access to blockchain games.

Arax Wallet and COSS Teams-up for ‘Crypto One-Stop Solution’

An announcement was made by a blockchain platform named Arax Wallet regarding its partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, COSS in establishing a ‘crypto one-stop solution’. The CEO of COSS, Sankalp Shangari then explained, “No one can deny the modern digital assets immense value as they go mainstream and as cooperate behemoths begin to participate very actively in the industry.’’

Bytecoin Offres Hardware Wallet Support with Follow Up

Bytecoin (a privacy focused crypto) has developed a new protocol which can follow user manually to offer hardware wallet support to them. Jenny Goldberg, Bytecoin CMO explained: “Security is a central concern to both the developers and the community here at Bytecoin, so we are pleased that we have been able to enhance the security of our platform with the addition of early hardware wallet support.”

Use Fiat To Purchase in Button Wallet

Button Wallet (a messenger-based crypto wallet platform) has announced that it will now accept US dollars (USD) to purchase coins. The platform at present integrated with Telegram has about 2k active users nad its new fiat-to-crypto plan is to increase the number significantly. COO of Button Wallet Rachael McCrary said, “For mass-market adoption of decentralized banking, you need more people, You need to make it easier for people to buy in.”